DOUBLE REVIEW: Makeup Revolution’s New Concealer & Foundation

I always saw Makeup Revolution as comparable to Sleek and other lower end ‘drugstore’ brands; nothing really excited me about them, and they were brands I’d basically only buy from in a niche ‘my brow pencil ran out and my shade in ABH is sold out on Cult Beauty’ emergency (yes, I said emergency). But recently Makeup Revolution have  showed us what affordable brands should be like and stepped up their GAME, most notably releasing a concealer allegedly ‘comparable to Tarte Shape Tape’ (revered by beauty gurus and exceptionally hard to find if you live outside of America), and an equally full-coverage, shooketh-clickbait-headline inducing foundation stick. So naturally I had to try them.

Shade ‘C1’ (the lightest shade)

I bought both the concealer and the foundation (eventually – when I managed to find somewhere that had my shades in stock, and even then it was the last available), and I have some thoughts.

The concealer:

The concealer is GREAT. I genuinely believed it would be super overhyped, if the glowing reviews were anything to go by. But the shade range is incredible (though Superdrug stores only carry a selection of them, unfortunately). C1 (the lightest shade) is the perfect under eye highlight shade for me. The concealer covers, blends and lasts like a dream, and at £3 each I can’t picture myself buying a high end concealer ever again; I bought three of them on a 3-for-2 offer, meaning I got three concealers for £5ish once student discount was applied. I can definitely see it being an item I buy whenever I see my shade available and stash away for the future. I love the massive doe-foot applicator for under eye concealing, it deposits a perfect amount of product in a few sweeps. It might be more difficult to use for spot concealing due to its size, but I simply applied it to my finger first for precision when I wanted to cover something up. Learn, adapt, achieve.

I have one teeeeeeny tiiiiiny baby sized gripe, and that’s how much product you actually get. The tube is pretty small, and with such a massive applicator, there’s not actually loads of product in there. I got through one tube in a month, whereas usually my concealer would last for *multiple* months. However, due to the £3 price tag (and Superdrug’s regular offers) I’m willing to look past this; you could buy ten of them for the price of one high end concealer, which is a bargain whichever way you look at it.

Price: 10/10

Performance: 9/10

Packaging: 7/10 (very plain but I love the applicator, it just loses a few marks for size).

Shade range: 9/10 (loses a mark for all shades not being available in every store).

Would I repurchase?: YES. I would not only just repurchase them, I would hoard them until my house was featured on TLC.

Foundation on the left, shade F1 (the lightest), concealer shade C1

The foundation:

This seems to be a product marketed to be used in conjunction with the concealer, but it seems less ‘hyped’. I saw countless YouTube reviews and article roundups of the concealer, but none including the foundation. I also had no trouble purchasing it, and came across it – fully stocked – by accident in a Superdrug, rather than hunting every branch in the Essex area, like I had to do for the concealer. The foundation is £5 for a stick (similar sized to the £42 Hourglass vanish foundation), and it comes, again, in a huge variety of shades and undertones. I’m impressed.

However, when I posted a photo of it on my Instagram story, I was bombarded with similar comments from women who had tried it already. They all said it made them ‘so oily’, felt really uncomfortable and thick, and looked crap by the end of the day. Swatching it on my hand it was a super creamy, oily-feeling formula, and my sebum-loving skin was dismayed, I could definitely see their criticisms being a possibility.

When I tried it on, it was thin and creamy enough to be blended out with a beauty sponge (great news, as I hate having to use a brush as an extra inbetween step, something I’ve found with ‘stiffer’ stick foundations). It colour matched me well and provided a medium coverage. From the write ups I had seen, it seemed to promise full coverage. It could be built up but definitely wasn’t full coverage from the get go. Before powdering it was a ‘skinlike’ finish; not too matte, not too glowwy.

Price: 9/10

Performance: 7/10

Packaging: 7/10

Shade range: 9/10 (loses a mark for all shades not being available in every store).

Would I repurchase?: Not sure!

Wear Test:

The makeup had been on for two hours and I’d eaten a meal at this point. It’s pretty much flawless but not so thick that it looks ‘photoshop smooth’.

train makeup

The makeup had been on for about four hours at this point and I had done a VERY fast paced sweaty walk from Liverpool Street to Old Street as I was super late to meet my friend. This photo was taken on a high quality Google Pixel phone with studio lighting, and as you can see it still looks smooth and matte, if a little yellow toned.

sleek photo

Overall, I love the concealer and will continue to stock up on it until I die/until Superdrug suspend their 3-for-2 offers because of the crazy brunette lady who comes in and buys three binbags full of them. The foundation I’ll use when I’m being lazy (cba to pump foundation out most days tbh) and then probably won’t repurchase because I get distracted by other shiny things.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried either?

Amelia xx

3 thoughts on “DOUBLE REVIEW: Makeup Revolution’s New Concealer & Foundation

  1. This is fab as I understand Makeup Revolution is cruelty free. Am always on the hunt for cheap concealers, still hoping eyebags will become a fashion statement though.


  2. I love the concealer too, and would usually buy the lightest shade but I wasn’t sure about C1 so I got C2 (I think) and that was a perfect match for me. It has such a nice smell! Similar to Bobbi Brown, I thought, and I do love the applicator but like you, am disappointed in the size of it and how little product you actually get. Also, I paid £4 for mine! Have the upped the price already?!

    N x


  3. dear Amelia..
    i suddenly came across your blog and am happy to ready the reviews and thoughts about these products thanks for that…
    what i really liked in your tell tale story writing kind of narration. I think you have a flare for writing… continue doing so. .. all the best…


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