Review: Glossier Lash Slick Mascara

I *feel* like Lash Slick was a result of all these full glam YouTubers doing ‘full faces of Glossier’, realising halfway through there’s no mascara in the line, and rather than accepting that was Glossier’s intention, believing they hadn’t thought through the makeup process, and so end up reaching for another brand instead (and then applying full false lashes on top of a barely-there base). Glossier was like ‘shit, how do we stop MAC making an appearance in videos dedicated to us’ and so created a mascara, simply so YouTubers COULD do Glossier exclusive full faces. My theory is watertight (much like Lash Slick lol!!!!!) and i’m sticking to it.

BUUUUUUT according to Glossier they actually created Lash Slick because their founder Emily Weiss wanted the look of expensive eyelash extensions without the cost (as she’s a multi-millionaire I like to think she’s doing it ‘for the people’, but also if I see her with lash extensions from now on I know she’s the world’s biggest scammer!!! that rebranded vaseline coin!). Apparently Lash Slick has been in the works for ‘years’ and has gone through 248 formula changes, along with a whole host of brush options. This part I do believe is true. They know they have a cultishly adoring fan base, but they’re also aware of the anti-Glossier movement, so they do actually need to put out good products; to satisfy the lovers and convert the haters as such.

lash slick with eyeliner
long af!!!!

The Pros:
I wore this for the first time to My Favorite Murder Live, and got so excited for the show I put my makeup on 5 hours before the doors even opened. I then sweated on the longest tube journey of my life and in an even longer queue, nearly cried with excitement at the sweet baby angels, and then walked home in the rain (don’t recommend: the streetlights go off at 1am and I was NOT staying sexy and not getting murdered, sorry K&G). The point is, I got home and I had NO budge, no flake and no smudge. My face was soaked from the rain and my mascara was like ‘moving around? I don’t know her’. If you find your mascara migrates down your face throughout the day or if, like, you work at a waterpark (?) this is the mascara FOR YOU.

It also *does* kinda do the lash extension thing that The Weisster claims. That is, if you go for bougie, very fine lash extensions (not the Essex girl version, which is full Russian mink – this mascara will not give you that effect). It gives you very long, defined lashes, so if you’re not after the clumpy spider lash you might love this

The Cons:
This mascara did not work for me when I had thick, black winged liner on. When you have heavy eye makeup, you need a thick, voluminous mascara to even it out; thin spindly lashes just didn’t match the liner’s energy.

The packaging feels weighty, the millennial pink is cute (if safe) and I like the signature ‘G’ on the top. But other than that it kind of looks like a ‘still in production’ component – which was also a lot of people’s complaint about Lid Star looking like test tubes. At what point do we accept Glossier is just selling us testers and move on? I joke. But also try harder.

Whilst not wildly expensive, for £14 it *is* just a natural, every day mascara. It’s not ground breaking, and I’m sure a lot of people would expect more oomph for the price tag.

lash slick in action at MFM

I’ll definitely keep this in rotation and maybe even order again; it’s the perfect everyday mascara. It’s super easy to throw on and make your eyes ‘pop’ without other eye makeup (though I would recommend curling your lashes prior to use, it’s not hugely curling), and it lasts all day. If you cba getting up early and do train makeup on your way to work (no shame in your game, I understand), you need this. If you’re a glam ‘I sleep in full coverage’ queen, not so much. Which is pretty much Glossier’s MO – so I’d say they nailed it.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried it?

Amelia x

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