Solid, Liquid, or is it all Gas? Glossier ‘You’ Perfume & Solid

Remember when Glossier announced they were launching a perfume and everyone lost their damn minds? I do, it was in late October, and obviously I bought a bottle, from an online store, without smelling it first, because… marketing. It’s a tricky one to describe, sold as ‘unfinished’, you are the final ingredient. I wrote a whole post on ‘skin’ scented perfumes that you can read here, that goes into more detail about the notes of the scent.

But if you go to the Glossier site, you can see thousands of reviews for the stuff, of people trying to capture the scent in their own words. The closest I saw was ‘lipstick’ and ‘the mall’. People were saying it smelt like a fancy department store beauty counter, but the idea of the mall, specifically from a teenage perspective, is much more accurate. Kind of grown up, kind of musky, sexy and a little aspirational.

Anyway, if you’re reading this post you’ve probably already watched a zillion reviews and made up your mind that you need it. This isn’t what this post is about. This is about Glossier You’s newest baby (or, twin? I guess?): Glossier You Solid.

I saw mixed reception to this in the comments on their Insta account, the place they announce and launch things first (aside: can I just say that I love Glossier’s launch strategy; they launch one key item every few months, and they don’t oversaturate the audience with loads of new, ill thought out products at once. Good job Glossier). People were saying they’d have preferred a smaller size, or a rollerball, over a solid. But personally I adore solid scents. I have a Diptyque Do Son one I keep on me at all times, for re-application, and for ‘sitting on the train and realising you didn’t put any perfume on this morning’ moments. Also, they’re all kinds of travel friendly. Airport restrictions don’t apply, and as they’re not in delicate glass bottles, you can be rough with them (aka, chuck them in the black abyss that is the bottom of your handbag).

So this post is going to be an English GCSE style compare and contrast, to give you my low down and help you work out which one you need.


So first up, Glossier You ‘solid’ is gorgeous. There’s no denying that. It’s got it all; millennial pink packaging, satisfying weight and ‘click’ closure, the semi reminiscent of exclusive sex toys thumb-print design. It’s nice to look at, it’s nice to hold, it’s nice to Instagram and it’s very nice to casually get out and re-apply-cum-flex in front of your friends. She real cute, and between you and me, I’d say she was the cuter of the twins.

The price point is also nice. Of course you get less product, but it’s £19 instead of the liquid perfume’s £45 price tag. Personally, I don’t think £45 is a bad price point, but I can understand why people might be wary of spending big bucks on something you can’t even smell first (unless you live in Manhattan near the showroom, or have done a previous order and received a sample. You smart, Glossier.) So £19 – less than half the price – is a great, relatively inexpensive way to find out whether you like the smell or not.

Now onto the important bit: the smell. They’re technically the same scent, but the different formats DO make it smell different. The solid perfume smells more ‘complete’ from the get go, you sniff it in the pan and there’s a recognisable scent, whereas smelling ‘You’ from the bottle; it’s a lot less recognisable. With ‘liquid’, it really has to be sprayed, and given time to mingle with your body chemistry, before it becomes an identifiable smell.

Does that make sense?

To test the theory, I put one on either wrist. The ‘solid’ wrist instantly smelt like what ‘liquid’ smells like on me a few hours after application, it’s like the base notes come immediately out, rather than needing time to ‘bloom’. You could argue that it’s therefore a stronger smell, but I wouldn’t say that the potency affects the actual scent, rather, just how it wears.

The wrist with ‘liquid’ on it smelt more alcohol based as soon as it was applied, and a few minutes afterwards the ‘You’ came through.

An hour later, the ‘solid’ wrist still has a more recognisable scent to it, whereas the ‘liquid’ wrist has that skin scent ‘you but better’ smell. Both are similar, but it’s likely more noticeable that I’m wearing a perfume on the ‘solid’ wrist.


So which should you buy? It all comes down to what you want from it. Do you want it for travel, do you want it to try the scent out, or do you just want a stunning little beauty accessory? ‘You solid’ might be the one. Or do you prefer traditional perfume formats, want a daily scent that’s not too strong, that you’ll keep at home and use every day? Then ‘You liquid’ might be more your thing! Either way, I think the lower priced option of ‘You solid’ is a great move from online-only Glossier, and I look forward to seeing what else they might add to the ‘You’ line (a body lotion? a body spray? ooooooh).

AAAAAAAND if this review helped you, and you fancy ordering either (or, anything from Glossier), feel free to use my BFF link – you get 10% off your first order, and I get some store credit. Shop here.

Amelia XX

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