My Current Beauty Obsessions



Glossier Generation G in ‘Cake’ and ‘Like’:

Sooooooo full disclosure, I definitely used to think these lippies were a marketing scam (they look like a tinted lip balm masquerading as a ‘matte lipstick’). BUT then I got some Glossier store credit and wanted to try them out (you can use my link here for 10% off your first order if you feel like it – and hey, I can get more lippies!). These are the perfect everyday lipstick to go with a minimal face; most days I only wear eyebrow gel and a lil mascara, and these lipsticks are the perfect lip tint without looking shiny or ‘done’. I would say they’re more on the lipstick side than lipbalm; they’re deffo not drying, but they also don’t give you a moisturised, balmy feeling. ‘Cake’ is a peachy brown (I prefer this with a nude lipliner underneath on my skin tone, but more medium skin tones could definitely get away with this alone), and ‘Like’ is a light berry pink that makes you look like you’ve just finished a snogging sesh (just what I look for in a lipstick).

Huda Beauty foundation in ‘Vanilla 120B’:

This is THE ONLY foundation I’ve been wearing. It might be my favourite foundation of all time. OF ALL TIME. The shade and undertone range is incredible. Coverage? Incredible (this bih is IG baddie levels of thiiiiiiccc). Finish? Incredible. Wear time? Incredible. Smell? I secretly love it. I might do a full review on this bad boy, but if you’re considering this (and love a full coverage, matte foundation), just buy it. No ragrets!



My Kit Co Electro brush kit:

You already know I’m obsessed with my MKC brushes (and if you didn’t, you can read my full review here). So when I saw they had a set of mini brushes (in holo packaging! in the sale!) I had to get them. I love mini brushes for travel but when it comes to smaller brushes, the quality is usually off. It’s like manufacturers think because the handles are smaller, the actual brush heads should be smaller (and worse), too. But I knew that wouldn’t be an issue with MKC, and it isn’t – the quality is exactly the same as my full sized brushes. The other thing I love about this kit is the fact every brush is useful – there’s no straggler brushes with no real purpose in life. You get a big, rounded powder brush, a fan brush for highlight, an angled contour brush, a fluffy crease brush, an angled eyebrow or liner brush, and a spoolie. And they came in a gorgeous makeup case, AND arrived with a free makeup blender and pin badge, because MKC always throw in lil treats like that. As well as their shipping being fast and their customer service on point, I really can’t rave about the brand enough.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finishing Powder:

I bought this powder for touch-ups during the day, but I’ve actually started setting my whole face with it during my makeup routine. It’s the perfect skin-like matte finish, and doesn’t settle, exacerbate dry bits or texture, and holds everything in place. I love that when using it to touch-up hours later it doesn’t add coverage or cakey lumps; it literally just mattifies shine and makes my face look freshly applied. My only gripe is the colour spectrum, the light shade runs quite dark, even though the line doesn’t actually have a great selection of light or dark shades (there’s three colours total). I have the lightest shade and it’s still a *hair* too dark to set my under eyes with, and does give my face some colour, rather than being translucent. If they expanded the line colour wise (and maybe brought the price down a liiiiiil), I would say this is one of the best powders out there, for sure. I still absolutely recommend nonetheless, despite me disliking most other C.T. products. Good job, Charlotte. A*.

Real Techniques Bleu brushes (specifically B05 and B02):

I’ve lumped these brushes in with the Charlotte Tilbury powder, because I love them as a combo. I have the whole collection, but these two are the stand-outs for me. I use the fatter B05 brush to set my whole face when applying my makeup, and I bring the B02 along with me in the my bag for touch ups, mainly on my forehead, chin and under my eyes. These brushes are synthetic, but are supposedly meant to mimic blue squirrel hair, found in high high end makeup brushes, and commonly heralded as the best method of makeup application. However, obvi, stealing hairs from a squirrel for the sake of a blended contour isn’t cool. So I’m super behind this Real Techniques launch, it’s fab they wanted to bring the best possible brushes to the consumer at an affordable price, and with none of the dead squirrel guilt. I do have some previous beef with RT (like, so many of my brushes have broken!), but these brushes seem to be amazing quality, and apply my makeup beautifully. The bristles are a million, billion percent better than their regular brushes, and if you can get them on offer in Boots I definitely recommend treating yo’self.



Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara:

This mascara never really spoke to me. I knew it was a bestseller, but the name kind of put me off (I have a thing against sexual product names, I’m not a prude but, like, Kylie’s ‘Barely Legal’ blush made me feel violently ill).  When I’m buying cutesy (and expensive!) Too Faced makeup I want it to be something long lasting, like a highlight or eyeshadow palette, and when mascaras have to be replaced every three months; girl, no.

But then, I was given the mascara at the Too Faced Carnaby Street store opening party and… WOW. My life has changed! I’m altering my will and the main recipient of all my worldly goods is now Jerrod Blandino. This mascara volumizes and lengthens my lashes, doesn’t transfer (disclaimer: it flakes a liiiiil bit near the end of weartime), layers fabulously and I barely feel the need to wear a lash primer with it. Whilst I love it, I like my mascara on the ‘dry’ side and I love a clumped up lash, so if this isn’t you – you might not like it. Also, I’ve heard L’oreal Lash Paradise is an almost identical dupe, so if you don’t want to commit to the $ just yet, maybe try that first (I most certainly will be when this one runs out).

Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette in ‘Mauve Obsessions’:

Huda’s (we’re on first name terms) Rose Gold palette is one of my all time faves, and I always wish she could have made it a teensy bit smaller, for travel. My wish was (nearly) answered in the ‘Obsessions’ palettes. Smaller, more compact palettes for travel that have a great selection of mattes and shimmers. I love the mauve one in particular as it’s the pinkest palette, although I would have preferred it if it was a touuuuch pinker rather than mauve. The only thing I think the palettes are missing is the foiled shadow formula I love so much from Rose Gold (sob sob), but I’m hoping in future she will expand the Obsessions range further, both in colour and texture. If you’re wary about Huda eyeshadow, the Obsessions range is actually a great way to try the formula, as they’re muuuuch more affordable (around the £20 mark) than the stupid £60 price tag on the big ones.


Tom Ford Santal Blush perfume:

An oldie but a goodie. This used to be my everyday winter fragrance; until I got too heavy handed with it and realised every squirt was about £7 worth of scent. So then I started hoarding it, and hadn’t touched it in about a year. I pulled it out of hibernation a few weeks ago, and we’ve been madly back in love ever since. My boyfriend asked what perfume I was wearing as soon as he stepped in the door, and hours later questioned whether I’d reapplied it (I hadn’t). I absolutely do not recommend anyone buying a £150 perfume online, but I’m confident that if you try it in store, you’ll also fall in love (but I am not being held responsible for your reckless spending!!!! Don’t come for me).

Essence Contour lip liners in ‘Lost In Love’ and ‘Big Proposal’:

Lipliners are definitely the product I think least about in my routine, but get through the quickest. I’ve always been loyal to MAC ‘Soar’ but have been hunting for something more nude-y, but not ‘Velvet Teddy’ brown. On the recommendation of one of my fav beauty Instagrammers Joelle Hyman, I recently picked up these nude/pink Essence lipliners from Wilkinsons. I couldn’t remember which one she specifically recommended but at £1 each (!!!) I could have bought the whole range if I’d wanted, so I got both. They’re both gorgeous, ‘Lost In Love’ is slightly more nude, whereas ‘Big Proposal’ is a deeper pink (but are both basically interchangeable under pink or nude lipsticks). They have the same texture and consistency of MAC wooden pencils, and the pigmentation pay off is fab. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to buying a £15 lip pencil every two months now I’ve discovered these bad boys.

What’s been your January go-tos?

Amelia xx

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