Spruce Up Your Feed for 2018 – The Best Beauty Instagrammers To Follow

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to hoovering and bed sheet changing; treat yourself to some digital sprucing and follow the best beauty accounts on the ‘gram.

Useful accounts:



AKA la bronze james, AKA iiiiit’s jackie jackie jackie! Jackie Aina is hands down my favourite beauty YouTuber, but her feed is GOALS. Her selfies are stunning and we truly are not worthy. I also keep up with her ‘gram to see when she posts new videos (I trust her beauty reviews with my life).


@lucyparts and @laucapon

I’m lumping these two together because they’re basically the same person. You gotta follow both if you’re following one, thems the rules. Lucy and Laura are beauty writers at Cosmo and also my first port of call for all things makeup and skincare. My favourite things are Laura’s essay length empties round ups and Lucy’s lol captions.




Maybe not the prettiest account (the video stills and picstitched images are eyeball overkill) but I follow trendmood to keep up with all the latest makeup launches and sneak peaks.



The Beauty Conversation is a super interesting ‘positive beauty collective’; their Twitter and Instagram pages share thought provoking articles and beauty news and history, and you can sign up for a monthly beauty digest email, too.



Painted Women is the brand new brainchild of Giselle La Pompe-Moore and Shannon Peter, and a quick scroll of the captions of their work-in-progress Insta account provides you with gorgeous personal stories and historical facts about beauty products and routines. Although this ‘study of global beauty culture’ was only announced a few days ago, I’m super excited to see what’s next for Painted Women.


Pretty accounts:


Chloe has the prettiest, pinkest account on Instagram. Imagine if Pop & Suki, Glossier and Barbie had a baby.


@topshelfieillustrated (illustrated by @itslaurenalexa)

You might have seen Into The Gloss’ hashtag #IGTtopshelfie floating around, and if you haven’t, go wild on that shit: it’s a nosey beauty fanatic’s dream. Top Shelfie Illustrated does just that; Lauren creates gorgeous painted recreations of people’s favourite skincare products.



Cut open my brain and I reckon this is what my thoughts look like. EVERYTHING’S SO PINK, I LOVE IT.



Every day I am further convinced Joelle is the coolest girl on the Internet. Her intrinsic knowledge of early 2000 magazine covers combined with her enviable bathroom shelf make for some very aesthetically pleasing scroll time.



It HURTS me to include Emily in this roundup because of the sick and twisted things she does to lipsticks. But my god, does her account make for fascinating viewing material. You have been warned!


Skincare accounts:


Skincare laid out gorgeously atop pink silk, what more could you want?



She does this thing with shadows that I can’t comprehend! Truly one of my favourite visual skincare accounts.



Grace’s feed is dark and wonderful and guilt trips me into wanting to moisturise immediately. Prepare to get real product envy.



Adri is so cute (her captions are adorbs) and posts some of the nicest skincare photos on the Internet. A bold claim but check her IG out and you’ll also be like: um HOW?



A mix of intriguing k-beauty, great beauty tips and god-I’m-so-jealous interior design.



The top three most featured brands are Byredo, Glossier and Diptyque: DUH! of course you want to follow this feed.



I’m so obsessed with Sarah’s skincare lineups, and it’s not style over substance; she gives really solid advice, too.


Do you have any Instagram favourites? Amelia xx


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