The Lipbalm Lineup: 2017

‘But Amelia, aren’t all lipbalms the exact same? Aren’t lipbalms just sticks of wax and they’re pretty boring aside from their literal one use? Aren’t they just the things you find 80000 versions of at the bottom of your bag, and 3 in the pockets of your winter coats, but are simultaneously the thing you can absolutely never find when you need it most, resulting in an emergency trip to Boots and yet another crappy lipbalm being added to the pile on your bedside table? Is a round up of near identical products really necessary? Why do you own so many lipbalms? Amelia are u ok hun?’


Both yes and no. Let’s begin.

THE BEST ONES FOR: a pop of colour


Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss in 08: These are SO underrated, and SO cheap (under £4?! you need them all). They moisturise whilst also being packed with pigment (ACTUAL colour, like a lipstick, not watery lipgloss shite) but it’s also GLO$$$$$$Y. I’m not a huge Kiko stan in general but their lip gloss pencils are deffo a standout item.

Where to buy: Kiko, £3.90

Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy in ‘Super model smile’: This is always at the bottom of my bag. It’s my every day lip colour because you don’t need a lip liner (or even a mirror) to apply it, it lasts for a good while, it’s super moisturising, comfy and the colour is universally flattering.

Where to buy: M&S, £12.50

Vaseline Lip Therapy in ‘Rosy lips’: HOW CUTE IS THIS TINY WEENY VASELINE JAR! I die. I picked this up on a whim in a CVS in New York because you can’t get the lil tubs over here in the UK, just the boring tins. Of course, the actual product is literally just the the same as the (tinned) rosy lips Vaseline formula you can get in the UK, it was just so dang cute I had to give it a shoutout.

Where to buy: Ebay or Amazon if you want the tiny tub, they seem to be sold for roughly £3.

THE BEST ONE FOR: lip longevity


Balmkind Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm: This lip balm is full of SCIENCE! With daily use apparently it will improve your lips and their hydration long term, and it’s full of antioxidant rich Alpine Rose and Lysine, which both help to reduce the occurrence of cold sores.

Where to buy: Balmkind, £14.50

THE BEST FOR: stunting for the ‘gram


Glossier Balm Dot Com (coconut): I am not afraid to admit that I bought this Glossier lip balm because it looks cool on Instagram. I even leave it out on my dresser on a lil tray! Honestly this is just a plain lipbalm that smells like coconut biscuits (as I addressed here at five mins in), and it’s most definitely not my favourite. I barely even use it. But it’s in the famous millennial pink Glossier packaging and is therefore the best lipbalm out of this whole damn post. No regrets.

Where to buy: Glossier, $12

THE BEST ONES FOR: on the go


EOS visibly soft lip balm in coconut milk: This lip balm is what I wish the Glossier one would smell and taste like, lol. Its convenient lil ball shape also means it won’t leak out of the container, and the lid is super secure. You can’t really go wrong with an EOS and this is by far my favourite fragrance of them all.

Where to buy: EOS (and Amazon, Urban Outfitters etc), around £6.50

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip moisturizing stick: Again, the convenience of a ‘stick’ lip balm, so it’s easy to apply on the go. I also love this one because it’s super matte, meaning you can apply it on top of your lipstick and it won’t alter the finish.

Where to buy: Boots, £5.50

THE BEST ONES FOR: when you have a cold


Kiehl’s lip balm #1: When you have a cold and your nose does that flaky, crusty Rudolph impression and every time you blow your nose you fondly remember all the times you took having clear airways for granted, all you want is a lip balm you can smother over your whole top lip and general mouth area to stop it from cracking. And that’s where Kiehls comes in.

Where to buy: Kiehls, £9.50

Dr Paw Paw original lip balm: This is a cheap dupe for the Kiehl’s balm, although slightly thinner in consistency. Like the Kiehl’s balm, both are petroleum based, meaning they’ll stop your skin from getting any more chapped whilst relieving tight, cracked lips and skin. I always have this mini in my bag just in case. Sore patch? Dr Paw Paw. Cuticles need pushing? Dr Paw Paw. Dr Paw Paw is my Windolene.

Where to buy: Superdrug, £6.95 for a large size (this mini was £2 from Primark)

THE BEST ONE FOR: before liquid lipstick


Aesop Rosehip Seed lip cream: This is a game changer to stop liquid lipstick feeling too dry on your lips. This is a cream that applies with a similar formula to a moisturiser, meaning it sinks into your lips instantly and leaves them matte. Because it’s not wax or petroleum based, the liquid lipstick doesn’t slip and slide around, and because it sinks into your lips rather than sitting on top of them, the hydration lasts all day.

Where to buy: Goodhood, £10 (or Aesop, Selfridges, Liberty London etc)

THE BEST ONE FOR: sparkles!


Fresh Sugar cream lip treatment in ‘Gilt’: Fresh’s famous sugar lip creams have been given a glitzy makeover and now come in a range of sparkly colours, with Gilt being a champagne gold colour. Even though I don’t think it’s the best lip balm around and they’re super pricey, they smell gorge (lemon heaven) and are so cult, it just feels cool to own one (this sounds ridiculous but if you live and breathe makeup, you’ll understand).

Where to buy: John Lewis, £19.50

THE BEST ONE FOR: making members of the public confused


Dr Lipp nipple balm: Is this for your nips? Your lips? Or all your bits??? Who knows. But it’s a super moisturising ‘do-it-all’ balm that makes me lol every time I put a nip-nip balm on my mouth. Confuse people on the train at your own peril.

Where to buy: Space NK, £12

I’m always down for a lipbalm recommendation though so let me know YOUR favourite. And thank you to Balmkind for sending me their lipbalm, as featured in this blog post.

Amelia XX

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