BirchBox x Oliver Bonas co-work space

My top, most favourite thing in the world is beauty products. Yup, just generic beauty products. All of ’em, I don’t discriminate. My second: when things are miniature (I regularly lose my shit in the Boots travel section and am willing to lay my life down for a tiny conditioner). My third? The whole ‘geometric shapes, blush pink, rose gold, home design’ situation, you know what I mean. So can you imagine my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT when an email pinged into my inbox inviting me to the BirchBox x Oliver Bonas co-work space (promoting their box and candle collaboration) to see the live podcast between Emma Guns and the Spectrum brush sisters? I replied to the email so fast, it was totally unchill, and probably quite embarrassing. No ragrets.




Co-work space wise, the place is an absolute dream. I can imagine if you lived nearby (FYI, if you live close enough to Oxford Street to consider this ‘nearby’ as a freelance work space, what the hell kind of business are you freelancing in? Teach me) this place would be amazing to bring your laptop to and get shit done. Free coffee and snacks, little group sessions of fun things to break the day up (I accidentally walked into a mindfulness meditation sesh), wifi and comfy furnishings galore. Oh, and everything’s from Oliver Bonas, so obvi it’s great for ‘working hard!’ captioned social media content.

Onto the podcast.






Before the podcast we were all given lunch, drinks and snacks to our heart’s desires, which a gal who loves her food appreciates (also side note, my coffee was made by a man on a bike, peddling to create the power? Mad). The actual podcast itself was super interesting. Emma Guns sat down with the Spectrum makeup brush sisters (the gals who set Instagram alight when they created the #GlamClam and unicorn makeup brushes), and chatted to them about their business. It was so interesting (and inspiring) to hear their story of working in a garage with no windows in Cardiff being told by their family to give up and selling one makeup brush set a month, to owning a multi million pound beauty retailer. Literally, started from the bottom now we here. I’m not sure how the ‘live podcast’ thing will sound when it’s played back (the room was kind of echo-ey, and I, personally, definitely coughed more than once), but it was super fun to be an audience member.


As it was a Birchbox event, we were also allowed to ‘BYOB’ (build our own box). In a normal Birchbox you receive 5 items, but we took one of each product (okay… so I took two of the Paula’s Choice toners because they’re so damn good, don’t judge me), leaving us with overflowing boxes stuffed with 16 items (yup, it was more of a ‘BirchBag’ than a BirchBox).



Here’s what I picked up:


Thanks again, BirchBox and Oliver Bonas!

Amelia xx



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