On Trend: Summer Body Mists

The words ‘body mist’ bring to mind sweaty post-PE changing cubicles and requests of ‘anyone have any deodorant I could borrow?’ called across the locker room. The day I realised using little cans of Charlie and ‘So Kiss Me’ as antiperspirant did nothing more than make me smell like public toilet potpourri was a long, long time ago. But isn’t it time we rehabilitate the humble body mist?


I, personally, am a body spray snob. If I see an ‘eau de toilette’ next to an ‘eau de parfum’, I’m always going to choose the latter. Maybe it’s because of those perspiration heavy, pre-pubescent days, or maybe it’s just because it’s ingrained into us that the stronger the smell, the fancier the ingredients in the perfume must be. Body mists and sprays aren’t ‘built to last’, as such. They’re more of a body care regime step (as opposed to that last minute puff before you walk out the door and – if perfume adverts are anything to go by – into the arms of the man of your dreams). And because of this, body mists just don’t have the same sexy rep that perfumes do.

But maybe it’s not the advertising campaigns, maybe it’s the price point. A high price point, a good backstory, and a romantic tale of the province from whence it came has fuelled the perfume industry for years. For the most part, people really do believe the more you pay for cosmetics and fragrances, the better they are. Body sprays are usually much cheaper than their perfume alternatives, due to their lightweight packaging, and the dilution of ingredients inside them. This doesn’t mean they’re any worse than perfume, they’re just different. The smell isn’t as potent as perfume, and doesn’t hang around as long; instead of creating a layer of scent wherever you spray it, body mists work with your skin to make you smell good, without smelling specifically of a particular scent. This is why body mists are perfect for summer; they’re lightweight, non-overpowering, and keep ~gross summer body smells~ at bay, all whilst being ‘chuck in your bag and go’ friendly.


Recently, brands have started resurging the 90’s classic, and making body sprays sexy again. Even Tom Ford has ventured from haute couture into mist making, in the same scents as his classic eau de parfums. And to celebrate the rise of the body mist, I’ve compiled a list of the best ones on the market.

The one for… skincare benefits

Guinot ‘energising scented body water’

This body mist is a total two in one, saving you valuable suntanning time. Once you spray on this body mist, you rub it in and it provides you with a body lotion-esque veil of moisture, as well as a fresh, floral scent. Not only do you get the scent benefits of a body mist, your skin will feel super soft after application. FYI, from someone that knows nothing about perfume top, middle and bottom ‘notes’, this smells exactly like freshly applied suntan lotion and sunny skin.

Guinot ‘energising body water’

Smells like: jasmine petals, rose water, orange blossom, bergamot, picnics in the park, sun on your shoulders, risking going out without a jacket and the gamble paying off, fancy French moisturiser.

Where to buy: Fragrance Direct

The one for… after the gym

Victoria’s Secret ‘Coconut Passion’

This spray is closest to the ‘classic’ body spray from back in the day. Reasonably priced enough to spritz liberally, and sweet enough to evoke some real highschool throwback vibes. This is the body mist’s cooler older sister, smelling all kinds of coconut and passionfruit deliciousness.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Coconut Passion’

Smells like: coconuts, passionfruit, when Rihanna releases a new song, cocktail catch-ups, oversized sunglasses, dancing in your mirror, a fresh hot-pink pedicure.

Where to buy: Fragrance Direct 

The one for… cooling down

Nuxe ‘relaxing fragrant water’

This is exactly what is says on the tin; fragrant water. I absolutely love having this one in my bag when I’m going out all day, and predict some potentially sweaty encounters. It’s great for spritzing over your outfit, pulse points, armpits (glam, I know); wherever you want to smell better, spray this. It’s basically a cooling shower in a bottle, that freshens you up and makes you smell of clean-on laundry. Perfect for these ridiculous 30 degrees days.

Nuxe ‘Relaxing Fragrant Water’

Smells like: coconut milk, vanilla, white flowers, a refreshing sorbet, clean sheets.

Where to buy: Fragrance Direct 

The one for… summer evenings and date nights

Tom Ford ‘Soleil Blanc’ body mist

Tom Ford ‘Soleil Blanc’ body mist

This is the damn classiest body spray you’ll ever come across. This body spray knows where the bathroom is in every 5* hotel lobby in London. This body spray is always the bigger person. This body spray is Camilla from Love Island, bottled. What I’m trying to say here, is that when I wear this, I fancy myself. It’s so sexy, without any of the heaviness associated with musky smells.

Smells like: light florals, tuberose, amber, coconut milk, white sand beaches, holiday pictures taken by professional travel bloggers, £20-a-drink cocktail bars, girls with flawless balayage, Bond Street stores, marble countertops.

Where to buy: department stores that carry Tom Ford (e.g., John Lewis, Selfridges)

The one for… a moment of calm

Roques Oneil ‘Restore Aura’ spray

I’m the first to call bullshit on wellness trends, and ‘aromatherapy’ just sounds so… up in the air? Literally. But if you think about it, when you’re walking past the men’s section in a department store and get a whiff of your first boyfriend’s cologne, aren’t you immediately taken back to a very specific time period? Nothing transports me back to year 9 like a spray of Ralph Lauren on a mildly sweaty hoodie. That’s my official theory for why aromatherapy might actually be legit, anyway.

Roques Oneil ‘Restore Aura’ spray

This Roques Oneil ‘Restore Aura’ spray comes with very specific instructions. You spray it over your face three times whilst inhaling and exhaling. Although I can’t preach its long term aura restoring benefits, there’s nothing like a little bit of downtime, focusing on your breathing and inhaling some fancy lavender mist. It’s very soothing – now whether that’s down to the spray itself, or the fact you’re taking some time out – I can’t tell you. But if you’re looking for a scent you can associate with calmness (or just some lovely spa-like body products for an at-home pamper) this one is for you.

Smells like: rose, lemon, basil, reading a spookily accurate horoscope, walking barefoot through warm grass, whale music, getting 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Where to buy: Fragrance Direct

The one for… holiday reminiscing 

Sol de Janeiro ‘Brazilian Crush’

This spray is from a company most famous for their ‘Brazilian Bum Bum cream’, and if that doesn’t immediately intrigue you; congratulations, you’re marketing-proof. The clever lads over at Sol de Janeiro must have realised everyone was hyping up said cream mainly for the smell, and so made it into a body mist.

Sol de Janeiro ‘Brazilian Crush’

SO many things about this spray are perfect. Number one: the packaging and size. I’m obsessed. It’s so chunky and plasticky and totally on brand with the whole ‘chuck in your beach bag and go’ aesthetic. Number two: the smell. Good God; drown me in a lake of this. The hype is real, it’s an instant pick me up. It’s so sugary vanilla sweet, but somehow sensual and ‘grown up’ at the same time. It makes me want to smother myself in tanning oil, pretend UV rays don’t exist, and hire a butler boy to bring me cocktails on demand. You must smell it. If you don’t mind slightly sweet scents and can’t get to a Sephora to sniff it, I would even go as far as to recommend ordering it without smelling it. Trust me, I’m a doctor.

Smells like: coconuts, almonds, sweet vanilla, beachy hair, Instagram models, a pina colada with the perfect sweet/sour ratio, sitting atop a giant blow up unicorn in a turquoise pool, the holiday romance that got away, the feeling of just-shaved legs, Frank Ocean ‘Sweet Life’.

Where to buy: Sephora

I hope I’ve helped inspire your summer scent choices! But if body mists aren’t for you, last year I wrote a post about your perfect summer perfume in conjunction with Fragrance Direct, and you can read it here. And lastly, thank you SO much to Fragrance Direct for supplying me with the fragrances that I’ve linked to their site above. Happy shopping!

Amelia XX


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