Restaurant Review: STK Ibiza Brunch

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is a fancy brunch. My second favourite thing is when at said brunch there’s a DJ playing and girls in bikinis dancing around the tables and the brunch is tiny truffle burgers and there’s a thousand ~influencers~ taking OOTD’s in the foyer and it’s socially acceptable to wear a bandage dress at 11am. This sounds sarcastic and extremely niche, I know. But bear with me.

If you go to STK and don’t take a picture by this wall are you even a girl

Imagine my PURE DELIGHT when STK London invited me and my boyf and our pals to their new Ibiza themed brunch party, complete with dancing bikini’d girls, multiple truffle themed foods and EVEN LIL RING LIGHTS ON THE TABLE SO THAT YOUR SELFIES ARE POPPIN’.

Mini ring light in action

The food was excellent, if you’ve ever been to STK you know their speciality is… well… steak (I went once a few years ago and had been meaning to go back ever since). So all the meat was great (we didn’t have the brunch menu, we had a selection of mini bites and nibbles from the main menu, including the best ‘steak and chip’ skewer with bearnaise dipping sauce of my life). The truffle sliders are also exquisite, literally if I only had to eat them for the rest of my life I think I would die a happy dumpling.

My least favourite thing was the squid ink arancini, but my pals pointed out it was probably because I had never had squid ink before. Apparently it’s an acquired taste, and one I have not acquired just yet.

A plate of excellent ham
Truffle-y, squid ink arancini
Mini doughnuts and…. the poop emoji?

The best thing about STK (aside from the steak) is the atmosphere, there’s an in-house DJ, everything is shiny and chrome, everyone is beautiful and it’s dark 24/7. Very ‘sexy nightclub vibes’. Love it, babes.

Da boiz just LUVVIN dessert

I’m going back for dinner in a week’s time and I am super excited to stuff myself with even more steak and take even more basic bitch selfies in the lobby!!!!! Basically I recommend it here, and the brunch was a super fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

Cheers STK for having us, SEE YA ON WEDNESDAY.

Amelia XX

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