Review: The Worst Lipstick I Have Ever Used

Hey. I think I’ve forgotten… how to write? Am I doing this right? If you are one of my three loyal followers you may have noticed I haven’t been on here in a while, because, life. But also because I have a YouTube channel now! That you might enjoy, I reckon. Dunno if I’m biased or anything but you should check it out (

Anyway, this is a testament to how bad this lipstick is, that it’s taken me off blogging hiatus. I literally got home about ten minutes ago and I just HAD to angry type this blog post. That is how mad this lipstick has made me.


Buxom ‘Big & Sexy bold gel lipstick’ in Fuchsia Fetish

Today, I tried out the Buxom ‘Big & Sexy bold gel lipstick’. Reader, it was neither big nor sexy.

On the Sephora website, it promises that this lipstick will give me ‘intensely pigmented, one-stroke color in an ultra-lightweight gel formula. Featuring moisturizing matte and satin finishes, it leaves lips with a modern, daring look.’ True, it did all of those things, but what it doesn’t tell you is that it’s going to FEATHER LIKE A BITCH.


I don’t have wrinkly lips, and I always use a lip liner. I have never ever had a problem with a lipstick feathering. Smudging yes, if it’s a particularly ‘wet’ formula. But never feathering so much and spreading so far down from my lips its practically coating my chin. My mum told me I looked like the joker. Here is me, after a few hours of wearing it (after not eating anything too heavy, just small pieces of croissant and a cup of tea):


Wow stunning close up babe x


Buxom, I’m invoicing you for ruining my good makeup day.

Okay,  maybe I’m being dramatic. There were some good things about it. The packaging is ON POINT. It might look basic, but it’s super thick and chunky (I like my lipsticks BBW), and it has the snap closure that dreams are made of. It’s magnetic, but not only does it magnetically close, it magnet closes so that the ‘BUX’ and ‘OM’ on either sides of the tube and cap link up and form ‘buxom’. Like, you can snap it shut with the words on opposing sides, and they automatically close together properly. It’s a small thing, but for a packaging addict, IT GOT ME A LIL HOT UNDER THE COLLAR, OK. Magnets are basically magic.

Also, the pigment was stunning! Check dis one swipe swatch:


This lipstick was also super comfortable, it really lived up to it’s ‘gel’ title. But then again, most satin formulas are comfortable in a world where uber drying nude liquid lipsticks are constantly being rammed down our throats. It’s also stunning on the lips… for about ten minutes. Would I recommend? Only for a short time, and probably only for photographs.

Anyway, the verdict. $22? TWENTY TWO AMERICAN DOLLAZ? Nah, I’m good.

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