January Shopping 2017: The Stuff I Picked Up In The Sales

I usually hate sales, they’re so messy and chaotic and I avoid them like the plague but January sales are always there, looming, ready to pull me back in. It’s way easier to sale shop when you know what you’re looking for so I just put this post together quickly to give you an idea of what’s out there right now.

My favourite sale purchase (maybe ever?):

My sale logic is: if you were going to/would buy it at full price, it’s a good sale purchase. I like to think this is how I shop all sales but it’s definitely not, the cut price will make me buy anything and everything. And the counter logic is: if a Lamborghini was £5 it would definitely be a good purchase, but would I buy it full price? Of course not, but does that make it an unwise sale purchase? NOPE. Anyway I’m rambling. From Lambos to the slightly less glam… side tables. You ever hear Kanye West flexin’ about his side tables? No, but if he had these side tables, he would. I’d spotted this set of geometric nesting tables on M&S’s website for £79 a month ago and they were all sold out in stores, and I didn’t get round to online ordering them. Blah blah blah. Then, two days ago, I spotted them – lonely and sad in a corner – for £19 for the set of two (the pictures don’t really show it, but one’s much bigger than the other). Bargain of the year. I’m in love. Bury me with my tables.

M&S £59 online in their sale, but £19 in my local outletOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Homeware bits:

This adorbs ‘bits’ plate Joel essentially sold to me when he read out ‘rings and things’ in a pretty 100% accurate The Chicken Connoisseur impression.

Mini rings dish – Debenhams – £3
Room Diffuser – Primark – £3
Copper cactus wire lights – £2.50 – Primark

I made a super quick DIY with the cactus lights show above, I bought a jar with a twist off lid from Tiger (£1, but you could use any jar you have at home) and put the lights in it:


Obviously the best time to buy Christmas decor is when you least want it, directly after Christmas. So being the organised ‘basically a mum’ that I am, I decided I want my tree to be extremely blogger next year, so bought all new rose gold and cactus themed baubles. Sometimes I really do hate myself, lads.

Set of three large glass cactus decorations – £5 – Paperchase, set of wooden cactus, pineapple and flamingos decorations – £3 – Paperchase


Constellation decorations – £4 for four – Paperchase, glitter tree topper – £1.25 – Paperchase


Geometric bird decoration – £2.50 – John Lewis
Large rose gold bauble pack £5, medium £3.75, small gold stars £2.50 – all from John Lewis

I also got something really lovely but it’s for a friend’s birthday so I can’t actually show you! Maybe when she’s unwrapped it I’ll snap a pic and update this bit BUUUUUT yeah sorry about that. Ooh also, I got an APC bag for Christmas that was purchased from Liberty’s a few days before Christmas (so the sales had already started) and it was half off, the big designery department stores are having some FAB sales on right now, if there’s something you’ve been meaning to invest in.

Did you pick up any bargz?

Amelia XX


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