Empties & Mini Reviews – Part Two

PART TWO OF MY EMPTIES, LADS. Part one’s here. CBA to write a big intro, just wanna review this shit then chuck it out. Got new stuff for Christmas and I’m sick of looking at old crusty packaging whilst my new stuff sits in its boxes. You know what I mean. Let’s get into it.



Benefit They’re Real! Tinted Mascara Primer

As a rule of thumb, add a good mascara primer under a shitty mascara, your mascara looks poppin’. This primer was good for separating my lashes and adding a bit of length, but I prefer other primers over this one. I found the Stila and Estee Lauder primers gave me more lift, and I’ve recently purchased the Dior one (WHICH IS ALSO AMAZING). I prob wouldn’t re-buy this just cos there’s better options out there.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Eyebrow Gel

Usually I’m like ‘eh, clear eyebrow gel, that’s a makeup product I can save on, you don’t need fancy brow gel that you literally can’t see’ but I was wrong, this eyebrow gel is Very Good. It doesn’t go gloopy or clumpy and make your eyebrows look wet or ‘hard’ and full of gel (think: every boy’s hairstyle circa 2004). It also sets your brows in place perfectly for the whole day. Although I’ll prob wait a while to repurchase this because it feels so unnecessarily luxe, unfortunately, it was worth it.

Lancôme La Base Pore Erase Smoothing Face Primer 

This is like a better, less silicone-y version of Benefit’s PoreFessional, but it’s pure white, so could potentially leave darker skin looking ashy. It made my skin smooth without feeling like I was ‘filling in’ (and therefore making worse) my pores. I would repurchase if I hadn’t just got a brand new PoreFessional.

Face stuff:


Pixi Glow Tonic

I go through this stuff like water and tone twice a day with it. It makes my skin glow and feels nice and exfoliating (but in a gentle way) so tbh I’m just going to keep using this until I find something I prefer. Or maybe I won’t bother. Anyway for the price it does a good job imo.

Lancôme Gel Eclat

I use this face wash with my Clarisonic twice a day and I looooove it. It foams up nicely and smells great and leaves your face ‘tight’ and clean without being uncomfortable. This is like my third bottle and I prefer it over every other wash I’ve used with my Clarisonic. Would recommend to pretty much any skin type.

Embryolisse ‘Secret De Maquilleurs’ Radiant Eye

This is like a weird eye cream cooling stick thingy and I really like it because it de-puffs my eyes (it feels like it’s been in the fridge even when it hasn’t? what sorcery is this?) but I think I prefer it because I got it on clearance for £2 at Boots, compared to it’s normal £23 price. I like it and it’s a nice addition to my routine and I like it to feel more awake in the morning, but I don’t think it stands in for a good eye cream and at £23 I won’t repurchase it, soz.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads

I like these because I’m literally too lazy sometimes to put some Glow Tonic on a cotton pad, and I like the convenience. Not a huge fan of the smell, but I think they do roughly the same thing as Pixi Glow Tonic. Though I bought them as like a ‘step up’ exfoliation wise from Pixi as my night time exfoliating toner, and I don’t think they’re doing exactly what I want them to, but I heard the ‘Extreme’ version of the pads are better for more ~vigorous~ exfoliation? So might give them a go next.

Caudalie x Jason Wu Face Mist

I think I prefer the actual mist to the smell of this. It smells kind of medicinal? But the mist is so fine and cooling it doesn’t leave your face wet, and it sets my makeup nicely, I love it. But I ran through this bottle so quickly (like, using it twice a week for a month and it’s all gone?), I might repurchase it because I currently get 20% off Space NK and I’m trying to rinse it before the discount runs out, but I have so many other makeup setting sprays it would make sense to use them up first. If they sold the bottle as refillable I would totes refill it just for that misting ACTION. (Update: I’ve tried to refill the bottle and the top won’t come off so I’m annoyed, won’t repurchase).

Hair and Body stuff:


Aussie Shower Smoothie body wash

Nice body wash, smells good, cleans my limbs and parts. Overpriced.

Aussie Fresh Mate body wash

See above.

L’Oreal Elvive Re-Balancing Extraordinary Clay Shampoo + Conditioner

Pretty sure I’ve reviewed these before but they’re the best ~affordable~ haircare for my long, thick and easily greasy hair, imo. Would recommend and continue to repurchase.

Living Proof Instant Repair Restore Lotion

This made the ends of my hair feel A+ and smell good. As I only had a sample size I can’t say whether it would completely change your split ends and I think a lot of high street products do the same thing (e.g. smooth down the ends of your hair so you think it’s less split) so prob wouldn’t purchase the full size.

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Hair Mask

This made my hair feel nice, I wasn’t 10000% keen on the smell and after finding out that masks like this basically just coat the ends of your hair with dimithicone, silicone etc to TRICK you into thinking your hair has been repaired, I’m not keen on the idea either. I have another tub of similar hair mask to get through then after I’ll be using natural oils on the ends of my hair instead. So hipster.

Yankee Candle room diffusers in ‘Pink Sands’ and ‘Fluffy Towels’

These are kind of weird to include in a beauty blog empties post but I used them up and they… were ok? The packaging reminds me of grandmas and they’re kind of a less potent version of their candle equivalents, and I’m not a massive Yankee fan at the best of times. Prob would not repurchase and will instead just pine over the Tom Dixon ones.


This is *maybe* my last post of 2016, BUT MAYBE NOT, cos I got a lot of makeup for Christmas and I’ll probably have quite a bit of festive downtime to fill (read: whilst I ignore my essays). Anyway hope you all had an amazing Christmas and thanks for reading my steaming hot lipstick content this year! Love.

Amelia XX

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