October & November Favourites

Here I am, uploading a blog post from October on December the actual 14th because DO WHAT I WANT, MATE. Anyway this stuff is all still great and relevant and I’m still using it all regularly so, read away. I mean I could have very easily just changed the title and made life easy for myself but at this point I’m committed.

Sunday Riley ‘Good Genes’ Lactic Acid Serum

This is my number one favourite out of them all, and I purchased it late November. I’m going to have to do a full blog post on this, but god DAMN. When the lady in Space NK said I’d see ‘instant results’ I hit her with the ‘girl, every product promises I’ll see instant results‘. But I bought it anyway because I like to believe Space NK shop assistants are heaven sent angels and lo, it was good. In fact it’s great. It’s amazing. It makes my skin look incredible, I haven’t had to use my GP prescribed spot cream in weeks (lol gross fun bonus fact about me), and for once it ~actually~ does everything it says ‘on the tin’, so to speak.


GlamGlow Masks

You can read all about the GlamGlow pop up I went to on this blog post, and general reviews of the masks here, but the masks are SO BOMB. I’ve tried them all and it’s so hard to pick my favourite, but my skin felt so good and clean after SuperMud, and when I applied ThirstyMud before bed (you don’t wipe it off if you’re going to sleep) my skin felt QUENCHED in the morning. Like legit my face felt like when you’re so thirsty and you finally get to drink a freezing cold glass of iced water. I also love GravityMud for how fun it is and for how my makeup goes on after, and FlashMud makes you look like you’ve had an instant facial, but they’re honestly all great, just pick the one that is best for your skin and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

God damn this foundation is so good. It gives the same coverage (if not a bit more than) as NARS all day weightless luminous, but it’s more of a thick, fluffy & whipped texture than the quite runny NARS. It’s definitely weightless coverage though, and it lasts so well on me. I have oily-ish skin and a combo of flaky but also oily (?) skin around my nose and chin sometimes means my makeup vanishes from those places first. However with Superbalanced, my skin remains flawless for as long as I have it on. It doesn’t gather anywhere gross or highlight your pores, or crack around smile lines etc. It’s specifically for combo skin meaning it stays matte on oily bits and doesn’t go crusty on dry bits. The undertone of most of their foundation range is more on the pink side so I get the lightest colour and even then it’s a bit more pinky orange that I’d like, but the finish and wear time is honestly worth having to lighten it up a bit with concealer. Clinique are so good at sampling (every counter has a big bowl of small jars for sampling, you can basically try anything you want) so I’d def recommend getting a free sample to try it for yourself.

The Balm Voyage II

I found this palette I got ages ago and fell in love with it, it’s the voyage palette which is meant to imply it’s all you’d need to take travelling with you, as it includes eye shadows, blushes, highlighter, bronzer and two cream lip and cheek shades. As there are no matte eyeshadow shades I wouldn’t agree it’s ALL you need to travel, but I’ve been really enjoying it to do my everyday face with. The highlighter is the classic Mary Loumanizer, the bronzer and blushes are super pigmented, and the eyeshadow shades are really sparkly and interesting. It’s pushed me out of my ‘literally a warm neutral smokey eye every day of my life’ comfort zone to ‘maybe switching it up and adding some green or some shit in there’ territory.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Highlight Drops in ‘Celestial’

I usually haaaaaate liquid highlighter because it goes cakey and clings to my pores and if I’ve baked my under eyes and set my face and then apply it it goes clumpy but if I put it on first and then bake it dulls the highlight so WHAT’S THE POINT but anyway this highlighter is not like that at all. This highlighter promises you can put it on top of powder and blend it in without it going cakey so I tried to apply it with my Beauty Blender and I was disappointed, because although it didn’t cake, it didn’t blend. However, I then tapped it on my cheekbones using my finger and it worked so much better. The heat of my finger warmed it up and it blended smoothly regardless of it just being my finger and not a fancy brush or sponge. It also BEAMED, like literally metallic, despite only being a thin layer and being on top of powder. This is so good and a lil def goes a long way. I know it’s usually out of stock everywhere but Space NK sells it and I got mine from Harvey Nichols, where they had cases upon cases of the stuff.


Random Japanese Drugstore Liquid Liner

I threw away the packaging and this was purchased in some random drugstore in Tokyo by my boyfriend, I have no other info than that, all it says on it is ‘FF moteliner black’, I am the worst beauty blogger, basically there’s no way of you buying this for yourself unless you read Japanese and live in Japan but APART from these tiny, tiny, tiny hitches, this liner is everything. The brush nib is soooo thin and it gives me the perfect, small wing (never do the whole ‘oh lemme just even it up oh woooops FUCK FUCK FUCK’ thing with this) every time. So good. So so good. Kudos, Japan. Also the packaging is so rad and space age and luxuriously heavy I love it.


Imperial Lather Bar Soap

WEIRD ONE, THIS. My housemate and I have two soaps in the bathroom, pumpy hand soap (for hands) and a bar of Imperial Lather soap (also for hands, but this is usually reserved for, like, your grandma’s downstairs bathroom). Bar soap is the world’s best Beauty Blender cleaner, just rub that shit on the bar and rinse it and you’ve got yourself a brand new Beauty Blender, pals. I have the BB cleanser in both liquid and bar form and I think regular old bar soap works just as well.

HTGAWM (How To Get Away With Murder, a TV show, a great one, just FYI)

This is not a kind of makeup and so should not be featured on my blog at all – BUT the new series was super bomb (THOSE PLOT TWISTS THOOOOO) and is definitely the best thing I’ve watched the last few months (aside from Black Mirror and Humans, which I’ve recently started getting into). Also, as always, Viola Davis is everything and more.

Amelia XX


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