Reviews of All Six GlamGlow Masks: Super, Youth, Thirsty, Power, Flash & Gravity

Nothing makes you feel as #luxebitch as a face mask. Add a foamy bath and some chocolate into the equation and you are untouchable. But nothing makes you feel quite as fancy as a fancy face mask. In a heavy silver jar and beautiful packaging that says ‘hello sexy!’ when you open it. And even better, face masks leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and REVIVED. And while the bathtime chocolate may not last long, the face mask’s effects on your skin will. As many toners as you apply, no matter how many creams and serums you slap on, nothing makes your skin look and feel as good and ‘cleaned out’ as a weekly face mask. So when I got the opportunity to review all six (!!!) GlamGlow face masks having never tried them before but having read all the glowing reviews on Sephora and looked at them longingly via various beauty websites, I think I went into cardiac arrest.

If you can’t be bothered to read the whole post and want a quick ‘are they worth it? can I work it? can I put it down, flip it and reverse it?’ the answer is: yes, they very much are. 

Also, [DISCLAIMER] this blog post contains 5 makeup-less selfies, please avoid if you have a weak stomach.

My lil masking station (I want to take them out of the boxes but I just CAN’T they’re too pretty)


Mud consistency: A green clay masks with bits of green tea leaf in.

What it does & what skin type it’s for: This is their classic, most well known mask. I wrote all about the backstory of GlamGlow in this post, which explains a bit more about this mask. This is their anti-ageing ‘facial in a jar’ mask, and I have to warn you, when it says ‘Tinglexfoliate’ they were not joking. I thought I was having an allergic reaction at first, but then I realised it was meant to be happening, and the tingling just meant the mask was gettin’ all up in my grill and doing it’s thing.

What I thought of it: As I’m only 20 I didn’t notice an immediate anti-ageing affect, but my skin did feel super clean and smooth afterwards. This would be a good one to get a sample or travel sized version of first, as although I liked the after effect, I’m not sure the tingling sensation would be for everyone, and maybe not one for super sensitive skin.



Mud consistency: A creamy gel type texture that smells like COCONUTS! Yesssss!

What it does & what skin type it’s for: It’s for dry skin, or for when any skin type is just feeling dry in general. You apply it like a normal mask but because it’s a gel texture it doesn’t dry down like a clay mask (the word ‘mud’ in the title is misleading) so you can either apply a thick layer and then tissue or wash it off, or you can apply a thinner layer and leave it on overnight to wake up super moisturised. It has a very cooling feeling when you apply it that lightly tingles, in sort of a minty way but it still smells like coconuts? It’s very confusing but feels nice and soothing. Also, as you can see from my selfie, it’s barely visible on the skin, it just sort of makes you look shiny when you have it on, so it doesn’t feel heavy or like you have something on your face.

What I thought of it: I did this after masking heavily with clearing clay masks for a week when my skin was feeling a little tight and cold weather beaten (how is it minus 2 degrees outside), and I love how easy it is to use (aka, slap it on before bed, no waiting around and washing it off). I LOVE the smell as well. But mostly, I love how my skin felt in the morning. It felt super plump and moisturised, without being greasy (which I’m always wary of being oily and using moisturising products). Fab for winter and would be GREAT for long haul flights where your skin essentially drains all of it’s moisture and instead sucks up the smell of everyone’s airplane dinners around you (this is even a suggested usage, because on the mask instructions it tells you how to use it ‘in flight’, so cute!).

Night time sleepy eyes pls excuse me


Mud consistency: A gloopy silvery white mask that dries to a silver peelable mask (it comes with a mini brush to apply a thin layer evenly).

What it does & what skin type it’s for: It’s for firming and lifting but I would say all skin types could this this.

What I thought of it: IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Have you ever seen a mask like this before? Nope, me neither. You put it on and five minutes later you’re a literal robot. Omg. So much fun. I made my boyfriend do it. I made my mum do it. I made everyone put this mask on their damn face. Aside from the novelty factor, it’s the best peelable mask I’ve ever used, because usually peely masks dry inconsistently and don’t peel properly because they haven’t joined up, it’s usually just a big mess and I end up washing it off with a flannel. But this was a proper peely mask, and came off in two big chunks, just like if you were peeling cling film off your face. So satisfying. It made my skin instantly feel smoother and I feel like makeup would apply really well after this mask.




Mud consistency: A greeny clay type mask.

What it does & what skin type it’s for: It’s for clearing your skin out, so oily or acne prone/problem skin. It can also be used as a spot treatment to zap away spots without doing an entire mask.

What I thought of it: I loved what this mask did to my skin, I’m not hugely oily but I would say I have combo skin, and I love a good clay mask that really SLUUUUURPS all the shit out of your skin and makes you feel reborn. That is what this does. Like, when you have it on, you can see all the gross oil in your pores show up as lil dots on the mask, which implies to me that it’s doing something. I can imagine after wearing heavy makeup using this mask would make you feel A1. Def one of my faves from the entire range.



Mud consistency: A grainy, white, thin, clay mask. The grains exfoliate your skin as you wash it off.

What it does & what skin type it’s for: For any skin type that’s looking a lil lacklustre.

What I thought of it: I LOVE this mask. This is potentially my fav out of the bunch. My skin looked and felt AMAZING the day after this mask (scroll down to the bottom to see a selfie the day after, my skin has never looked better). I’m obsessed. Magic in a jar I swear. You need this in your life.



Mud consistency: A green, thin mask that dries and turns to oil when washed off.

What it does & what skin type it’s for: For sensitive skin that needs a clean out.

What I thought of it: I quite liked the ‘mud to oil’ thing as the oil at the end felt nourishing. This is maybe my least favourite mask, simply because it felt too gentle for me, I like my clay masks to REALLY get in there (if you’re looking for that type of effect I suggest SuperMud). My skin still felt nice and really clean after this mask but it was a bit too gentle for me, but probably very good if you have sensitive skin, and would be suitable if you like to mask most nights but don’t want your skin to become a dried out prune.

(I stupidly forgot to take a selfie with this mask on but just imagine me with a green face holding a green box).


My skin at the end of my masking week:

Ok so ignore the massive inflamed eye from a big painful stye and the fact I look like a naked mole rat without makeup on (eyelashes? who needs eyelashes?) my skin is POPPING. Like, I haven’t worn makeup all week and I keep thinking damn what highlighter is that? It is zero highlighter. It is just my skin.

I took this photo after doing a mask a day (barring like one day), and the morning after doing FlashMud. My skin looked great every morning after every mask, but it’s the best the morning after FlashMud. Even though this is the most flattering lighting in my house, when the mask says ‘radiance’ it really means radiance, and it’s now my favourite out of the bunch.


Have you tried any GlamGlow masks, if so what’s ya fav? Or do you know of any masks comparable that you love? Always up for some mask chat.

Amelia XX

3 thoughts on “Reviews of All Six GlamGlow Masks: Super, Youth, Thirsty, Power, Flash & Gravity

  1. Hi Amelia,

    Love your blog and yes I definitely have tried the GlamGlow masks. In fact it was one of the first masks I had reviewed for my blog. I have seen mixed reviews for this mask but to be honest, I absolutely love them!
    I love the color, the tingly sensation you get when you put it on 🙂
    All in all , it is a mask that I would recommend despite the rather high price tag.

    I would also love for you to check out my site and also the review for the GlamGlow Youth Mask that I tested –

    Liked by 1 person

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