The GlamGlow UK Pop Up Shop & Mask Reviews

I’d never tried any GlamGlow products before because, although I knew it was meant to be some magic, ‘cure all’ type facial in a jar, I wasn’t even aware you could buy it in the UK up until recently. So I was super excited to be invited to the GlamGlow UK pop up shop and treatment room to try out their products myself (FYI, in case you were clueless like me: there’s more than just that one face mask in the black box nowadays, there’s SIX OF ‘EM!).


Last night I visited the pop up and I learnt so much stuff about GlamGlow, the back story to the brand is super duper interesting. Basically, the owners (Glenn and Shannon Dellimore) are a Hollywood couple, and at a dinner party a v famous actor friend asked what would be their recommendation for a product that makes you look like you’ve had a facial, in ten minutes. They all agreed it would be a mask type product. After that, the couple went away and started experimenting from their own home, and made little samples of face mask on their coffee table. They gave them to friends, and soon, it was a sort of ‘black market’ face mask situation, little tubs of plain packaged, unnamed mask were being bought by Hollywood actors and producers to be used before they filmed to give the actors that ‘perfect skin’ look. Sephora then rang the owners after hearing about it, wanting to supply it in stores. From there, they created a brand and packaging and GlamGlow was born. This was in 2011, and now, five years on, there’s six face masks to choose from, and even some plumping lip products coming really soon.


But back to the pop up! It ran for 5 weeks (yes, unfortunately it’s closed now as I visited on the final night), it was so beautiful inside and apparently designed around the owner’s house, all chandeliers, big vases of hydrangeas and silver sofas. There was a ‘mud bar’ where you could try out the products yourself, and there was a treatment service too where you could essentially have a spa treatment using the GlamGlow products.

Those shelves were filled and restocked and on the last night they looked like that, it’s been a pretty popular pop up to say the least


GlamGlow is about to be stocked in so many more places in England now, including Boots, so it’ll be mega easy to find. Also, they’ve dropped their price by £10, the masks used to retail for £49 and now they’re £39, so if you’ve always been intrigued, this is the best time to try it. They also sell travel jars for £14 (2-3 masks), and have a great sample policy where you can go up to any manned counter and ask for a sachet sample of any of the masks you fancy trying.


Their excellent value (and beautiful) holiday kits (£39 for one full sized mask and two 30ml masks), meaning you’re paying the price of one mask and you basically get two over-half sized masks for free

So: the big question, WHAT ARE THE MASKS LIKE? Good question. I went home and immediately did two consecutive masks (they’re not harsh on your skin so you can basically use them as often as you like). I did the ‘SuperMud’ mask followed by ‘GravityMud’ (the one that goes silver and you peel it off that all the YouTubers use!)


This is what the masks looked like whilst on:



Okay firstly: GravityMud is worth is JUST FOR THE ROBOT FACE SELFIE OPPORTUNITIES ALONE. I sent my boyfriend that picture and his response was ‘damn girl what highlight you using?’

The SuperMud had a menthol-y smell and was very tingly (not in a bad painful way, in a ‘I’m doing something’ way), and afterwards my skin was RADIANT. Then I waited ten minutes and applied the GravityMud with the included brush (so handy) and it was so fun, I mean, for one: you become a shiny silver unicorn, what’s not to love? But also, it’s peelable, and it’s the best peel off mask I’ve ever tried. I love peel off masks (very reminiscent of PVA glue/back-of-my-hand school days), but instead of drying patchy and coming off in bits, or not ‘joining up’ properly like a lot of peel off masks, this came off in massive chunks, and literally felt like I was peeling a layer of clingfilm off my face rather than wet mask. As fun as this was, my skin felt so lifted and firm afterwards. At 20 I’m not ~massively~ wrinkly and saggy, but I can imagine that makeup application after this mask would be so smooth, as makeup always goes on best to firm, tight skin.



I also got ThirstyMud (a gel mask that doesn’t ‘dry down’ for dry, dehydrated skin) and YouthMud (their classic, famous mask), and my boyfriend was sent the other two masks (PowerMud and FlashMud, the green one and the orange one), so between us we have every GlamGlow mask, meaning I’ll be trying them all out in the coming weeks. I’m especially excited to try PowerMud as it’s a ‘mud to oil’ treatment, meaning it strips all your oil and lefotver makeup crap right out of your pores. I can do a full first impressions/review post on every single mask when I’ve tried them all if any of you are interested in that?

A final FYI: GlamGlow will be available soon in Boots and loads of other accessible places (it’s already stocked in a lot of M&S beauty halls!), and on There’s enough masks in the range to fight any skin concern you may have, but I would highly recommend trying out the GravityMud when it becomes available for all the fun you’ll have if nothing else!

Amelia XX

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