Foundation Reviews: By Terry Cover Expert, NARS Velvet Matte Skintint, Clinique Superbalanced

If you’ve read, like, any of my other blog posts you’ll know that I am constantly dissatisfied with foundations for various reasons. Anyway, decided to go to Space NK and John Lewis, get loads of different ones and try them all out, go batshit foundation crazy all in one week, and combine the experiences into one lil compact review. Here goes.

(NB: I have oily to combo skin so I can’t stress enough: what works for me might not work for you! Try them out yourself, remember that you can ask for a foundation sample at literally any counter in any shop).

By Terry Cover Expert:


This is the most expensive foundation of the lot (£45!) and therefore should be the best. Plot twist: it’s the worst. I haaaated this foundation. It oxidised LIKE A BITCH, firstly. *And* that was with the palest shade already being way too warm toned anyway. This foundation looks nice in the picture, but did everything a foundation shouldn’t. For starters, when I applied it, I was like: BITCH WHERE. ‘Lightweight yet full coverage’, sure. Zero pigmentation, zero payoff, had to wear a thousand layers to build it up. Then it went cakey, oily, slippy, slidey, it seperated, I could go on. Basically, I wasn’t impressed.

Clinique New Superbalanced:



(£23) This one was the favourite of the three, and tbh, I love it. It’s a reformulation of their original formula and I dunno why I didn’t try it sooner (actually I do know: I find Clinique to be quite frumpy but ACTUALLY A LOT OF THEIR PRODUCTS ARE WELL GOOD??? MOISTURE SURGE MOISTURISER IS GRAIL STATUS???). This foundation was extremely easy to build up and blend, and was pretty full coverage without being masky. It stays (present tense, because I’m still using it on the reg) pretty much perfect all day, and barely separates/cakes up, even around oily areas or around the mouth/chin/nose (which is my foundation’s first port of call when it decides to go all janky around 2pm every day). This is because it’s specifically for combo skin, meaning it stays matte in oily patches and doesn’t cling to dry bits. LOVE.

There’s only one downside which I can sort of get past but some people might not be able to; the smell. It’s pretty heavily fragranced (not in a nasty way, just in a ‘makeup smell’ way – think MAC), and it doesn’t go away. At first this bugged me but then I got used to it.

Also the shade range is, again, quite warm and not exactly pale enough for me (I evened it out with pale concealer) but tbh I think I’m going to just have to give up fighting foundation brands over this soon, and accept my orange fate. Overall, great. It reminds me of NARS all day weightless luminous coverage and feel wise, but it’s slightly less liquidy, and more buildable. Deffo worth a try, and I can see the shades working really well on most olive skin tones.

NARS Velvet Matte Skintint:


(£30) I have mixed feelings about this bad boy. It was the best colour wise for my skin, and I adore NARS’ other two foundations. I thought I would love this too, as their palest shade in the range is basically pale enough for me, but much less yellow toned than their other formulations. Winner winner. However, although the colour was good, the formula was not so good. You 100% have to set your entire face with powder otherwise it’ll remain tacky and slip and slide around. For a foundation advertised as a ‘tint’, which, in my mind is a sort of tinted moisturiser thing, having to then cake a load of powder on top is not what I wanted. Other than that, the performance and wear time was pretty standard, it broke up around my nose and mouth after eating and wearing it for 4ish hours. Not the worst, but not the best. My skin looks nice in the photo immediately after applying, but it’s a pass for me.

What’s your thoughts on any of these foundations, did I just slam ur fav? Do you have any recommendations similar to the Clinique one or recommendations on how to make the other two WERK?

Amelia XX

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