September Favourites


Right, now we’ve got that out the way, here are my September favourites.



NYX Roll On Shimmer in ‘Nude’

This lil roll on stick soooo reminds me of cheap kid makeup you used to buy in Claires, but it is so pigmented! It’s super easy for a quick makeup look, you can legit just roll it over your eyelids and then buff out the edges. DONE. Or you can use glitter primer and pack it on heavily for a more foiled effect. And it’s only like £5.50, and comes in a tonne of colours.

NYX Roll On Shimmer

NYX glitter primer

SPEAKING OF GLITTER PRIMER, coincidentally, this is also a fav this month. I’ve actually been tapping a tiny bit of glitter primer over my eyelid post transition shade to really intensify my lid colour, and it makes such a difference. I also love how this primer in particular isn’t sticky, nor does it have a white cast (it’s nude in colour and reminds me of the Urban Decay Primer Potion).

Morphe 35oM

Ok, I know I talked shit about this palette previously. But I take it back. I originally preferred my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette as it’s possibly more pigmented, but this month I’ve just been reaching for the Morphe 35oM. They’re way less powdery than the Anastasia shadows, and the ‘lesser’ pigmentation makes them very easy to blend. Basically, shove any light colour on a fluffy brush and then a slightly darker shade on the same brush after and you have a perfectly pumpkin spice #look. They blend seamlessly and give such a beautifully subtle, but extremely buildable colour payoff. I retract any previous statements and you should TOTALLY buy this palette.

Example of a look I created with just two of the orangey shadows in the Morphe 35oM palette

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation in shade 01-Petal

I’m also wearing this foundation in the picture above. It’s Clinique’s newest launch, and it’s actually a re-work of their classic foundation. I got a trial sample of this as I thought the shade would be too dark for me (it’s a lot warmer than I’d usually go for, but not ‘orange’ – still unsure if I think a darker foundation works on me though). The coverage is definitely mid to full buildable, but the best part of it is how it works on all skin types. It’s ‘superbalancing’, meaning it’s equally good on dry and oily skin (meaning my combo chin/dry nose patches/oily forehead finally all look good at the same time!!!). I think I’m probably going to buy the full sized product of this as it keeps my skin looking excellent all days, even in the areas where my foundation would usually go patchy or disappear. My one criticism is the smell. It’s not nasty, but it’s very strong. Think of the smell of a MAC foundation x2 in potency. And the smell stays on your face all day long, so if you don’t like perfumed products, maybe just ask for a sample and see what you think. I could totes be overreacting here.

Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Foaming Cleanser 

I found this at TK Maxx for £9.99 and obviously with a price tag like that I had to get it. It promises to cleanse AND remove makeup, which I found hard to believe. I always use makeup wipes to remove the bulk of my heavy makeup, but decided to put this to the test and just apply it straight onto my makeup and then wipe it away with a wet flannel. OH MY GOD. Two pumps took my entire face off, including mascara and liner. I massaged it right into my eyes to get the mascara at the base of my lashes off, and it didn’t hurt at all, it just felt like water. The best part was my skin felt so clean and shiny I didn’t even really feel like I needed to use my Clarisonic or any other cleanser afterwards. I would a thousand percent recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin, or people that find eye makeup remover irritates their skin.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Spray

This was also a bargain buy, from PoundWorld none the less. I barely use any hair products but I thought as it was Aussie (and a pound) I’d try it out. It’s kind of a weird concept, it’s a recharging spray in, leave in conditioner, that’s meant to make your hair look and smell fresher? Ie, a dry shampoo, that’s a liquid spray, that is specifically supposed to condition? Idk man, but it’s super good at reviving and refreshing day two hair, and makes it smell like funky sea kelp. The only way I can accurately describe this is as a refreshing face mist, but for your hair.


Topshop handbag (£42, can’t find it online, sorry!)

Not being a snob or anything, but this is pretty much the only non-designer handbag I own, not because of the labels, but because I waaaay prefer the quality of designer handbags. And this is true for the most part, you can even see in the photo below that the back of this Topshop handbag has bowed out because I put a water bottle in it, so straight off the bat: no, it’s not great quality like a designer bag would be. But I have been LOVING using a bag this big. I usually use a small Chanel flap bag which are notoriously tiny, so I’ve been loving being able to carry alllll my shit around (including aforementioned water bottle). I also love the structure of this bag, with all the pockets and the lil nude and snakeskin details. So freakin cute, and very classy. It also reminds me of the (£4k, very sold out) Fendi ‘Peekaboo’ bag, which is a bonus.



‘The Swimming Pool Library’ – Alan Hollinghurst

Me having a book a) in my favourites b) that I’ve actually read(???) is very out of character. Yes, I do a literature degree, but no, I do not read. This is coming from the girl who infamously scored 100% on her English Lit GCSE, without ever opening the book (on the topic of this, hmu if A Long Long Way is as poppin’ as Wikipedia implied it is). Anyway, I read this book for my Queer Histories class because I didn’t have internet for three days (lol that I only read because I didn’t have wifi, millennial probs) and it’s SO GOOD. It’s about a gay man in London in the 50’s who saves an old man’s life, and after they become friends, the old dude asks him to write his memoir (and all his life stories are wild etc etc you see where this is going, no spoilers). From an education point of view, it’s a critique of the privilege of white men in general, but it’s also kind of ~problematic~ cos at points I was just like: wtf this is just high key racist? So it’s interesting to read from a 2016 perspective. But either way, I wanted to read on, because it was so racy (TW: a loooooot of blowjobs in this one) and the story was so fun and because you hate, like, most of the characters. I probably haven’t explained it well, but I’ve linked the Wikipedia page up there ^ if you’re interested. Would recommend.


Or as we say in the UK, writing shit down. I’m enjoying this as a concept, and I don’t really fancy including a picture of my diary with my detailed (mostly empty) schedule in it, so. Anyway I decided to put one of my ‘for show’ notebooks to actual good use, and write stuff in it. This appeals to my creative side because journaling is equally about the aesthetic as it is about being useful, meaning I can doodle to my heart’s content and spend half an hour colouring in my To Do list’s title. It’s actually also well useful for remembering stuff and for feeling productive (see also: writing down stuff you’ve already done just so you can tick it off).

Amelia XX



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