What I Eat In A Day/Follow Me Around

Since I’ve set up a Curious Cat (and tbh, before, via Instagram comments) I’ve been asked quite a lot about what I eat and what I do every day, basically if I was a YouTuber I could do one of those ‘follow me around!’ videos to clear this all up. But I don’t make videos, and I’m an incredibly boring person, if I had a vlogging channel it would just be ‘here’s me watching Nothing To Declare for 12 hours straight in some questionable smelling pyjamas’. So instead I thought I’d mash up the ‘follow me around’ and ‘what I eat in a day’ type videos into one post. I dunno if anyone will find this interesting at all but whenever I see this type of post I’m always like DAMN, SO ENTHRALLED IN THIS PERSON DESCRIBING THEIR MCDONALDS ORDER RN, I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? Anyway, enjoy if this is your thing.

This is what I did on Friday, and also [disclaimer], I’m aware I’m not healthy, but I’m not dying! I’m fine! Maybe I’ll eat a banana one day! So leave me alone about it pals!

Breakfast, 10:30am:


Maybe 10.30am is a lil late for breakfast, but if you know me, you know I can’t/don’t sleep, so when I ~can~ sleep, I let myself sleep for as long as I possibly can. This sounds luxurious but I’ve slept for approx 2 hours over the last week so letting myself sleep from 8am-10am isn’t too much of a luxury bitch habit. Anyway I made shortbread for GBBO on Wednesday, and by Friday, surprisingly, there was still half a plate left. For breakfast I ate the two biscuits most covered in chocolate, because, obv.



As I was only going to the cinema I wanted to wear as close to pyjamas as is socially acceptable, and when that’s the requirement, these grey GAP legging tracksuit bottoms are always my first port of call. The asymmetrical top is from All Saints and the leather jacket is my newest Zara purchase.

Lunch, 12:30pm:


I got some pre-cinema lunch with my nan at Pret because, regardless of having biscuits for breakfast, I was craving a chocolate chunk cookie. To make up for this, nan and I shared a cheese baguette, because #health.

Shopping & cinema:


We went to see Bridget Jones’ Baby which was total trash but also extreme amounts of fun because I’m basically middle aged. Sidenote: if you want to see an actually good film, on Saturday I saw the new Blair Witch with my boyfriend which was SO AMAZING and SO SCARY. I’ve never seen a grown ass 6 foot 3 man look so petrified. Cute.

I also went for a lil look around the shops, got two cute Primark mugs for uni (pineapples, marble and gold lettering, I’m such a basic bitch), and bought up Poundland’s entire stock of Aussie hair products. Luv a barg, me xox

Late afternoon snack, 5pm:


I sadly forgot to get cinema snacks, so I was hungry by 5pm. I helped my 9 year old brother do his homework whilst I ate a peanut butter bagel, which is probably the least visually appealing meal ever.

Dinner, 9pm:


My boyfriend came over and gave me the brief ‘I want curry for dinner’, so I got one of those fancy AF Charlie Bigham oven meals, which taste wonderful but look like utter dogshite. So yeah, big 9pm korma, bhajis and naan probably isn’t a good idea but then again, I wouldn’t want to die with regrets.

Midnight snack + recipe:


I had chocolate to ‘use up’ (see also: specifically bought it so I could make this cake) so I made this hybrid rocky road/crispy cake. This cake is one of my FAVS (and is up there with my Excellent Grown Up Crispy Cake recipe which I can also blog if you’d like) and is so simple to make. Just don’t ask about the calories. They don’t want us to eat delicious midnight snax.


  • One big sharing slab of Cadbury Dairy Milk (don’t be cheap lads, you have to buy actual Dairy Milk)
  • Two Mars Bars
  • One Crunchie bar
  • 3x Rich Tea Biscuits
  • A handful of cornflakes
  • Half a sharing bag of Malteasers (or however many you want really)

How to:

  1. Melt the Dairy Milk in a Bain Marie
  2. Chop the Mars Bars and Crunchie up into small-ish bits (not too small tho you still want texture)
  3. Mix them into the melted Dairy Milk
  4. Add three broken up Rich Tea Biscuits (broken into quarters)
  5. Add a handful of cornflakes and however many Malteasers you want, you animal
  6. Line a dish or a tin or whatever with a bit of cling film, if you really cba you can use cupcake cases and make Rocky Road cupcakes, idk you do you, I’m not your mother
  7. Put the mixture in and add some extra Malteasers on top, draw some ‘fault lines’ with a knife does the wet mixture so that it’s not absolute hell to cut later, leave to set in the fridge
  8. Thank me later

This makes about 8 big chunks but if you want more, double the mixture, or triple the mixture. Hell, quadruple the mixture and just feel bad about yourself tomorrow.

So yeah! That’s what I got up to and ate on Friday. I’m not trying to turn this blog into MumsNet, but let me know if you like more lifestyle/cookery (lol) stuff like this? Big ups.

Amelia XX

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