Spotlight on Tom Ford Beauty: The Good, The Bad and The Overpriced

Tom Ford beauty counters are my vice. They have a magnetic pull on me and I just can’t walk past without swatching ten different things on my hand and annoying the counter girl who assumes I’m not going to buy any of the ludicrously priced products. Well, PSYCH! Of course I am! But before I do, I’m going to drown myself in your Santal Blush tester because I’m saving the last bit of my own bottle! Haha, sucker. Stealing a squirt of your perfume definitely justifies buying this £800 lipgloss.

Anyway, thought I’d do a lil overview of my thoughts of Tom Ford Beauty as a brand ~on the whole~ and talk about my meagre collection of products from the line.

Whole squad here

Powders & Palettes:

Tom Ford blush in ‘Frantic Pink’ and Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in ’12, Seductive Rose’


I bought this blush mainly because I love the lady at Harvey Nichols Tom Ford counter. She’s STUNNING and recognises me whenever I go in there, asking how uni is etc etc. When she told me I needed this blush for my pale skin, and due to the fact I’ve never found ~my perfect~ blusher, I had to get it. The other reason I got it is that when the lady put it on me and I wandered off to ‘think about it’ my boyfriend complimented me more in that one hour than he had our WHOLE RELATIONSHIP. Constantly ‘wow you look so pretty’ ‘wow your face is glowing’ ‘wow your cheeks are so cute’. I, like everyone, want constant validation so went back and YOU BET I spent £48 on that mo’fo. It’s great. I’ve used it every day for a year and I’ve *just about* rubbed away the embossed TF logo AKA, I still have so much left. It’s that pigmented, that blendable, that pretty. I wouldn’t say it has *amazing* staying power, but again, I apply quite a light hand of blush, so maybe layering it would help it to hang around longer.

Final thoughts: Great colour, good amount of product, average staying power. I would say investing is a good idea as a blush is a powder so it doesn’t go all janky, and because you generally find a blush that suits you and stick to it, you don’t switch it up all the time like you might with a lipstick. GO FOR IT, AMIGOS!


This is the most disappointing Tom Ford products I own. No, scratch that, one of the most disappointing beauty products – period – I have ever owned. I can swatch this a million times and be like WHERE IS THE PIGMENT THO? When I put this on my eyes I have like ten layers of shadow on and it looks like what I started with. And that’s just the matte shades, don’t get me started on the shimmers.

Usually, at best, glitter shades are thick and creamy pigment, and at worst, are chunky but sparkly. The Tom Ford glitters are neither. They crumble into loose glitter (I say ‘glitter’ loosely, it’s barely anything more than coloured sand) that won’t stick no matter how much glitter primer and Fix Plus+ on your brush you use. When I’m done applying it, there’s nothing on my eye, and some sad, loose particles all down my cheek. Awful. I used this twice and banished it to a drawer forever. Tom, if you’re reading this, I would *really* like my SIXTY FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS BACK.

Final thoughts: Of course, there’s always the possibility the pigmentation varies from palette to palette, and maybe I just got a bad one. But when so many other cheaper, million times better quality palettes exist, I won’t be buying another one to find out if this is the case any time soon. Stay away kids, invest elsewhere.


Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen in ’01 Deeper’

This was another product my Harvey Nichols counter babe told me I needed. I love this eyeliner for like a whole year, but fell out of love with it a bit when I discovered the Surratt liner. On the whole they’re sort of similar, I’ve compared them before here. Basically, the best part about the Tom Ford liner is the longer, brush side. I found I barely used the tiny felt tip nib. The Surratt version is only one ended, but it’s the brush tip. Basically I’d say the Tom Ford liner is great if you use both ends, but if you just use the brush end, you may as well invest in the Surratt, which will end up being cheaper as it’s refillable.

Final thoughts: It is a great liner, it lasted for ages (mine’s a bit dried out now, a year later), but many people find felt tips hard to use and the paint brush style tip is GOAT, but rare to find in liquid eyeliners. If you’ll use both ends, buy it. If you’re buying it just for the brush tip, get the Surratt one.


Left: Tom Ford ‘First Time, Right: Tom Ford ‘Pink Tease’

God I feel so FANCY SHMANCY when I get these out to touch up. They’re truly a work of art, packaging wise. Which can actually be a pain, learn from my mistake that the special edition lipsticks are, for the most part, just re-packages of the originals. You see in the picture the lipstick on the left has lines on? I paid like £10 more for that lipstick because I thought the colour was limited edition. I paid £10 extra for lines on the tube smh.

These lipsticks are so luxurious feeling, very pigmented and creamy. I wouldn’t say they’re outrageously pigmented, like for example how celebrity YouTubers like Jeffree Star’s try and make their products be, but you have to remember Tom Ford is a luxury beauty brand, which usually try and make more ‘natural’ looking products (for the older lady clientele that is buying them). They’re non drying and come in so many beautiful colours, the nudes are to DIE for.

Final Thoughts: These definitely aren’t a necessity, they’re just like any well pigmented, creamy lipstick, which you can find from a lot of brands nowadays. At £38 each, these are definitely a treat yo’self item, but I’d recommend checking them out if you haven’t been able to find a perfect nude for your skintone as they have such a beautiful range of options.


Tom Ford ‘Santal Blush’
So nice I had to photograph it twice

Santal Blush, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This is the sexiest, most distinctive perfume I’ve ever worn in my life. It’s musky, but not ‘Grandma musky’. It’s light enough for day time, but sexy enough for night time. Wherever you where this you will get compliments, guaranteed. It’s stunning. And at £158 for the small bottle, it better be.

The price is literally my only con, but as it’s ~quite strong~ you do only need one squirt, I’ve had it since Christmas 2015 and I have a quarter of a bottle left. I’m now rationing it so I don’t have to buy another one, which I’m not a fan of because I like my scent to be one I wear every day rather than saving it for special occasions. Lemme hit up a Sugar Daddy real quick for a refill.

Final Thoughts: I can’t describe it to you, you need to go to a Tom Ford counter and douse yourself in about a tenner’s worth of perfume to see for yourself. Check out Soleil Blanc (white bottle) when you’re there too, it’s my second favourite. [FYI: all the other Tom Ford scents are shit, don’t believe the hype. Drake was right when he said ‘Tom Ford Tuscan Leather smelling like a brick’. I mean literally a brick. Like a house brick. Not cocaine. Don’t try and smell cocaine kids, that won’t end well.]

Nail polish:

This is probably my bougiest, least necessary Tom Ford purchase. £27 for one nail polish are you MAD. Honestly the fact I happily paid that price makes me angry and a little bit sick.


But look at it. ‘Mink Brulée’ is truly a stunning nude pink, and it wears great.

But, with the rate nail polish goes gunky, would I buy another Tom Ford polish? Probably not. When I’m trying to save Mink Brulée I instead just use OPI’s ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’ and although they look different in pictures, they’re so similar IRL:


Final Thoughts: A nail polish is a nail polish. Tom Ford colours and packaging is nice, but I REALLY don’t think dropping £27 on a nail polish is necessary or advisable (this is coming from the girl who queued up when the Louboutin polish first came out lmao). Invest in a good quality nail polish brand like OPI or Orly in a similar colour and you’ll be just fine.

#aesthetic (when all my products were new and clean and shiny sob sob)

Let me know if you have any hidden gems from the line I should try out!

Amelia XX




4 thoughts on “Spotlight on Tom Ford Beauty: The Good, The Bad and The Overpriced

  1. So I love this blog??? And I’m not someone who comments online, ever (except once I commented on a Guardian article about that weird Tumblr that came up a few years ago about women eating on the tube, bc needs must) but as a Tom Ford mega fan I was spurred to share my thoughts. Plus I work for HN and I’m so glad you shop there! Do you have the Rewards app? Tell me you do, it’s how I justify all my purchases. ANYWAY.

    Ok, brain dumping here because I have thoughts and none of my irl friends actually buy TF.

    The blush – as a mega pale girl myself, you have sold this to me. Payday cannot come soon enough. Eyeliner – SO GLAD someone said this, I was sick of Youtubers saying it’s holy grail when it’s really not that incredible. I’m sure you’ve tried it but my holy grail is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (shout out to Debenhams for finally bringing my baby to the UK). A third of the price and they last forever. Will have to try the Surratt!

    Eyeshadow Quad – I only have one too, in Golden Mink. It took you saying this for me to finally admit to myself that I don’t love it, despite the fact I’ve had it for years and never reach for it– I just cannot stop thinking about the £££, and how pretty it looks. The one thing I would say is that when I bought mine the guy at the counter told me the glitters work best when pressed on with a finger and that’s true! Still feels gross/wrong tho. Heartbreaking.

    Santal Blush – ok I’m disagreeing with you here because I’m an absolute slut for his fragrances and I actually wear Noir de Noir perfume layered over Neroli Portofino body spray like a psychopath. If you’re ever in HN and see a pale brunette girl, give her a sniff– if she smells like a Wall St banker who raided the TF cologne counter at JFK duty free to mask the scent of the mistress he just visited in Dubai, come say hi because that girl is me. It’s a niche scent aesthetic I’m going for here.

    Things you should try: Roman lipstick. I’m obsessed. Not that I’ve actually bought it, but it’s on my pay day wishlist too! I’d also say the body sprays are well worth looking into, I get soooo many compliments when I wear Neroli Portofino layered under another perfume and it’s a way more cost effective way of smelling like you’re rich af (tho £43 for body spray is also a joke). They also look so so cute in your handbag because that’s important too. Also, have you seen the lip contour duos? Obsessed.

    THIS IS THE MOST EXTRA COMMENT OF ALL TIME I AM SO SORRY. I really broke the seal on this one… Keep up the good work on the blog, so hope this isn’t creepy!! xx


    1. hey girl hey girl hey!

      omg i loved this comment it felt like i was chatting about products with a gal pal! thank u for all the suggestions i’m def going to have to try them out, i’m also thinking about buying Soleil Blanc, thoughts??

      and yes I DEFINITELY have the store card rewards app hahhaha i think i’m gold level?? gotta step my game up to that platinum one real soon tho haha.

      which HN do you work/which counter as I’m going to HN knightsbridge for christmas shopping not this weekend the weekend after and would love to meet you?? XXX


      1. I’m sooo glad you aren’t creeped out, I clearly needed an outlet!! Everything about Soleil Blanc is so beautiful, I’d buy it just as room decoration but then that’s probs why I keep bankrupting myself. See also: the Jasmine Rouge Collection, which I haven’t even smelled and I’m already planning to buy.

        Omg that would be amazing! I actually work in the head office in London so Knightsbridge that weekend would be amazing?? This is where I’d tweet you if I wasn’t a Twitter luddite! My insta is @lexfarndell, shall I msg you there? xx


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