Discoball Eyes Tutorial & Review: NYX Face And Body Glitter

The first (and only) rule of makeup is that if you fuck it up, chuck some glitter on there. It’s a motto to live by. However, as much as I love all things sparkly, I’d never managed to find the perfect eye glitter, meaning when my makeup got fucked up, I was stranded. It was always too chunky, didn’t stick or gave massive amounts of fallout. I thought I was going to be subject to a life without glitter, a life of wonky eyeliner with nothing to cover it up; a life of gazing abjectly at Instagram Heauxs and wondering ‘but how?’.

But this weekend I wore the NYX face and body glitter in shade Copper and so many people asked me about it on Snapchat (which, FYI, is: ameliaperrin) that I knew I had found my holy grail glitter. And therefore I had to do a blog post about it.

NYX Glitter Primer and NYX face and body glitters in Copper and Rose, primer: £8, glitters: £5 each

Here’s the #look I did with it:

Fancy profesh camera shot xx
Not so fancy Snapchat story xx
Bad awful restaurant lighting but glitter lids still poppin’
Dark room with front camera flash and some sort of lifeless creepy doll stare, soz


In ALL the different kinds of lighting and camera equipment (and these photos were taken over five/six hours), the main focus is still my glittery inner corners. With the NYX glitter primer it stayed on aaaaall night, and didn’t dull down or give any fallout.

The glitter is so finely milled it’s almost a pigment, it’s not chunky at all. This means it was comfortable to wear the whole night (even on my inner eye corners!), I didn’t feel like I had anything but regular eyeshadow on.

(In normal lighting, no flash) Rose and Copper NYX face and body glitters

How I applied it/tutorial (super easy!):

  • Firstly, I did all my other eye makeup, including liner, mascara, lashes etc etc.
  • I then used a thin pencil brush and applied the NYX glitter primer (right on top of my makeup) to the inner corner of my lid, applying less glue the further away from the inner corner I got.
  • I then used the same pencil brush to pick up some glitter and pressed it into the glitter primer, applying less glitter the further away from the inner corner I got to give it a gradient effect and to blend it in with the varying thickness of my liquid liner.
  • I then applied my face makeup after I had done all this so that there would be no glittery fallout on my cheeks.

I bought mine on ASOS because my local NYX counter doesn’t stock the glitters, but you also get student discount (obv, only if you’re a student) off of them if you buy them through ASOS regardless of whether you can buy them IRL near you-yay for discounted sparkles!

Amelia XX






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