July & August Favourites

I’ve kind of been MIA from favourites posts and I’m still feeling pretty uninspired, not because I don’t like any new products, but due to it being the middle of England’s hottest ever Summer, I’ve not been wearing much makeup. Let me live. Because of this I have made a ~favourites coalition~ from the past two months (AUGUST IS A PAST MONTH NOW WTF EVERYONE PANIC WHERE THE FUCK DID 2016 GO???), and even then, there’s not too many products. So I’m sorry about that, but what I have picked out are all excellent. Quality over quantity and all that jazz.

Yeah probably need to work on my flatlaying abilitiy




Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick in shade ‘Blanc’:

  • This foundation is pricey, and when I, the girl who will happily spend all her money on makeup and eat plain pasta for the rest of the month, says makeup is pricey: it’s pricey. This foundation stick is £42 for a quarter of the amount of foundation you get in a regular bottle. I feel sick. But there’s a huge colour selection (this shade, Blanc, is possibly even TOO pale for me, I didn’t know such a thing existed), and it’s so so convenient. You just draw it on your face (no messy foundation hands, yesss) and then buff it in with a brush or dab (#dab) it with a Beauty Blender. It melts into your skin like butter and leaves a medium to full coverage finish that still looks like skin. It really does ‘vanish’. As I said, it’s like skin so I wouldn’t say it was either overly matte nor dewy, but it lasted all day on me (literally after 12 hours, 6 trains, a trip to a zoo and a curry, even my boyfriend was like ‘wow your makeup still looks flawless!). I might do an in depth review of this foundation so I won’t say tooooo much, but yes I love it and will probably cry when I have to repurchase it.

Too Faced Sketch Marker in shade ‘Black’:

  • I specify it’s the shade ‘black’ because it also comes in ‘Charcoal Black’, which is kind of confusing (Charcoal Black is a more muted and grey ‘black’, kind of like when you wash your black Topshop jeans twice). I’ve been holding off on buying a new liquid liner for ages, after my Surratt refillable liner (and holy grail) ran out months ago and they’ve been sold out of the refills for MONTHS and won’t have any in stock until October. I decided I couldn’t wait that long to have perfect flicks and thought I could test this liner out. It’s so good; the nib is so fine but also inflexible, so it’s pretty easy to get a good winged liner. It dried down quickly and was extremely dark dark black. It also doesn’t budge, I went out and played mini golf on a windy rainy day and my liner didn’t smudge, it just crumbled slightly after hours of me fiddling with my watery, yet weirdly dry, eyes lol. At £17 I’d say it’s mid to high end, but it’s so much better than anything you’ll find at the drugstore. I can’t say I’m completely converted from my Surratt liner just yet but it’s coming a close second.

MAC ‘Strobe Cream’:

  • As they say, an oldie but a goodie. As it’s summer I’ve been going for more natural looks (lol kidding this isn’t a choice I just barely go out so I don’t need to wear makeup). Strobe cream is basically a liquid highlighter, but you can use it as a moisturizer. I like to use it either before my foundation or mixed in for a dewy look, or on a no makeup day over the top of my moisturised skin, specifically focusing on my cheekbones (but it’s definitely light enough to use all over the face). I can’t really describe this product, but it’s basically a non greasy moisturizer that’s full of duo-chrome pink and blue-y gold highlighter reflects, that gives you ‘I just did a facemask’ skin. Pro tip: it lasts forever so I bought the £9 travel sized version instead of the full sized, I got it in March and it’s still basically full. As much as you think you need highlighting moisturizer in your life, you definitely don’t need the massive one.

Smashbox ‘Photo Finish Dark Spot Correcting Primer’:

  • This is actually one of my mum’s cast offs, she didn’t get along with it. Although I don’t particularly need the ‘dark spot correcting’ aspect of it, it made my foundation stay on and remain non-patchy for sooooo long. It didn’t do much for filling pores/smoothing etc (but then again, they have other primers specifically for that) but I noticed it kept my makeup on way longer than my other primers. Which is probably why Smashbox are so famous for their primers, innit.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Zurich’:

  • Such a beautiful pinky/browny nude. So easy to wear, so comfortable and non-drying compared to other matte liquid lipsticks (I think in my previous NYX SMLC review I just wasn’t used to the feeling of liquid lipsticks lol). It’s non streaky and opaque, and it’s definitely a favourite from their huge colour range. I will be repurchasing ASAP, as the only downside to the ‘fluffy’ whipped formula and tiny bottle is that it runs out relatively quickly.

Morphe ‘M35Os’ Palette:

  • You can read my full review of this palette here, but uh. Oh yeah. Still amazing. Still crazy pigmented. I’ve used it as an inner corner highlight and a lid spotlight every damn day since I got it.



Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White ‘Clarity-Activating Toner’:

  • I’ve kind of just been sticking to my usual skincare routine and haven’t really switched it up, hence the lack of skincare favourites this month. But I temporarily ran out of my holy grail toner Pixi Glow Tonic and, on a whim, used this deluxe sample I got from Kiehl’s of their ‘clarity activating toner’. I noticed immediately that my skin looked bright, radiant and uniform, it seemed like my freckles and red marks had disappeared. It’s crazy when you see results immediately after using a product, and this definitely does what it says on the ‘clarity activating’ tin. The results aren’t permanent (or, I haven’t been using it long enough to realise a difference) but immediately after use my skin was GLOWY AF. Which conveniently brings me to my next favourite…

L’Oreal ‘Pure Clay Glow Mask’:

  • I raved about this mask in my affordable drugstore skincare post and since then loads of people have bought it and told me how much they love it too. It’s so so so good, and not even like ‘good for the price’, it’s amazing in general. Your skin is so illuminated it literally looks like it’s doused in Champagne Pop afterwards, L’Oreal need to bring ‘Glow Mask’ out as a highlighter pan I swear.

Other Stuff:

Quay Australia x Chrisspy ‘Mila’ Sunglasses:

I talked about these in my sunglasses post, they’re my favourite pair out of my whole collection. As I mentioned ^ up there ^ I’ve been wearing barely any makeup this month, so shoving hugely obnoxious reflective glasses on really helps to counteract the ugly. They go with everything and *kisses fingertips* they’re perfect.

What were your favs this month? Tweet me cos I’m always up for putting new thangs on my face.

Amelia XX

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