Review: Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks & Liners

Did you see all of those YouTubers’ snapchat stories recently where they unboxed literally ONE HUNDRED lipsticks? No? Well Urban Decay did a thing that no-one (to my knowledge) has ever done before and released 100 new lipstick shades with matching liners (but the website says 120 lipsticks and 50 liners… huh?). I wasn’t too bothered about trying them (I think it’s the same formula as their normal lipsticks just, like, loads more colours?) as I have a billion lipsticks, but my boyfriend got me two and their matching lipliners (DYING at the image of him going into the shop and choosing me some lipsticks, my HEART) and turns out I love them, so I thought I would review them for y’all.

The shades my boyfriend picked out for me are ‘Unicorn’ lipstick and the matching ‘Unicorn’ lipliner, and then ‘Backtalk’ lipstick and ‘Manic’ liner to match. Both of the lipsticks are their Comfort Matte formula and the liners are their classic 24/7 Slide on Glide on formula.


The packaging:

The packaging is boooooomb. So good. The theme is ‘bullet’ (like lipstick bullet, GEDDIT) so the lipsticks are in a super shiny chrome tube with a gold end (like… a… bullet…). The thing I like most about the packaging (of both the lipsticks and the liners) is that it’s easy to see what colour they are. Because the lipsticks have their corresponding colours and names on the bottom, and the lipliner packaging is the colour of the actual product, it’s super easy to find the one you’re looking for in a hurry.

The colour:

‘Unicorn’ is a pale orangey nude and ‘Backtalk’ is a dark mauvey nude (probably more of a nude on deeper skin tones, it’s more purple on me). The lipliners match the colour, but I would say ‘Manic’ is a touch darker than it’s corresponding lipstick, ‘Backtalk’. Mainly I’ve been lining my lips with ‘Manic’ and applying ‘Backtalk’ around the edges, then placing ‘Unicorn’ lipstick in the centre of my lips to create an ombre effect.

This is me wearing ‘Unicorn’ lipstick and matching liner:


This is me mixing ‘Backtalk’ and ‘Unicorn’ lipsticks, layered over ‘Manic’ liner (my favourite look using them imo):



The price:

The lipsticks are ‘£15 a bullet’ according to their website, and the lipliners are £13.50 each. Compared to the standard £15.50 MAC lipstick and £13 MAC liner, they’re exactly the same price when purchased together, and for a good quality product I feel this mid range price is acceptable (maybe I’m too disgustingly used to Tom Ford’s extortionate prices). I feel like you get more for your money with the Urban Decay products as well, as the packaging is nicer and it does feel like a higher end brand. Although MAC has a huge range of colours, I feel like a lot of them are quite ‘samey’, and the Vice lipsticks have a better range (eg, white, bright green and navy blue lipsticks, whereas MAC is just a lot of taupe and plum). The formula of the UD lip pencil I would also say is a million times better than MAC’s. My ride or die MAC ‘Soar’ pencil has been replaced by UD ‘Manic’, it’s very similar in colour but also the UD pencil glides on like a DREAM. It’s so much more creamy than the literally-like-a-pencil MAC formula, which I can find drags or pulls at my lips.


How they wear & Formula:

The ‘Comfort Matte’ formula is exactly that, it’s not drying and dries down to a semi-matte look (if you want fully matte they also do a ‘Mega Matte’ range). After eating food I did notice a little transfer to my chin, but this seems to happen to me whenever I wear any lipstick that isn’t a matte liquid lipstick (am I just a really messy eater or something??). Overall the wear time was good and I only had to reapply after eating or drinking, like, intensely (you know what I mean, like proper rimming the coffee cup type of thing). Like any matte lipstick, when it was the end of the day (I’m talking like 10 hours, 4 applications later) things got a lil crusty, but it’s nothing some lip balm can’t handle.

Soz for my gross hand but here’s some swatches:

L-R: ‘Manic’ liner, ‘Backtalk’ lipstick, ‘Unicorn’ lipstick, ‘Unicorn’ liner

Any downsides:

My very picky downsides are both with the liners. My liners look a bit fucked up because both lids came off in my bag, which is something you just need to be careful of. My other pinickity thing is also something I can’t really complain about. I love the lipliner formula because it’s so creamy, but also hate how it’s almost creamy to a fault. The MAC liners are hard, but they need sharpening less, and aren’t as delicate as cream liners. I’m finding I’m getting through the lipliners quite quickly because of how often I’m having to sharpen them because of how creamy they are (I’m finding it hard to explain, but a hard pencil type liner needs sharpening less frequently because it dulls less frequently). Basically, if the liners were ‘twist up’ style, they would be perfect.

So yeah, I love them and definitely think they’re worth the price and the hype. The next ones I want to get are ‘Stark Naked’, ‘Hitch Hike’, ‘Weirdo’, ‘Criminal’, ‘Rush’ and ‘Heartless’. I haven’t done product reviews in a ~hot minute~ so let me know if there’s anything else you want me to review and I’ll try and do that for you.

Amelia XX


6 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks & Liners

  1. I bought a really dark red from them the other day and I’m not a fan really, it ended up much darker around the inside of my lips and patchy round the outside! I also ended up nearly taking my lips off with all the washing and scrubbing I had to do to get it off 😛 the swatch on my hand from the store left a stain for 3 days! I’m going to have to crawl back to mac like the cheater I am!


    1. laura if you’ve only use it once (and it doesn’t look like you’ve been using it every day for a year haha) take it back! i know MAC lets you swap for something else if you don’t like it so it would make sense for Urban Decay to do it too, say it looked different in normal light and explain how patchy it is etc, it might be you got a ‘bad’ one XXX


  2. Hey Amelia!

    Can I ask what products you use to apply lipstick? I’ve always just applied using the lippy itself but I’d like to start using a lip brush, but have no idea where to start!

    Thanks! Xx


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