My Secret Addiction: Sunglasses

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Today I bought my thirteenth (13th!!!) pair of sunglasses. I barely wear sunglasses because they fuck up my nose makeup and I hate the feeling of them on my face, and yet I keep buying them. I have an addiction. Sunglasses are the only thing that always always suit me. I could order any pair online in the knowledge that they will look good on me. This isn’t a brag; the only thing that always suits me… is something used to cover up your face. Hmm.

Anyway, I thought I’d feel less guilty if I put my addiction to good use and made some #content about them for you guys. So I guess this is kind of a show and tell/haul/guide all in one? I dunno. I am ashamed.

The ones with the ~fancy arms~

Remember those dumb £200 Prada Baroque ones that look like Willy Wonka glasses that were huge in, like, 2013? Yeah I bought those. They’re probably my biggest sunglass regret but I have to keep them for how cult they became. These ‘Prestige Gold’ Chanel ones (I bought them for £350 but they seem to be available at that link for £100 less) also have theeee sleekest arms with the gold accents. I feel totes Breakfast at Tiffany’s whilst wearing them.



The Dior Inspired ones (ie. straight up fakes, my dude)

Learning from my previous Prada sunglasses mistake, I didn’t buy the Dior nose-bar glasses. I instead plumped for the inevitable high street copies, and it was a GREAT decision. The baby pink ones were £3 from Primark (no link, soz, but I got them very recently so can confirm they’re still in stores) and look like they cost 100x that price. The marble effect ones are from ASOS (£12).


The Cat Eye ones

MEOW. Top tip: cat eye glasses are universally flattering as they slim your face. If you’re ordering online and aren’t sure what shape will suit you, cat eye is always a good bet.

Rose gold and pink mirrored lens glasses: Topshop ‘Swoosh Wayfarer’, £18

Marble effect reflective glasses: Quay Australia ‘Sugar and Spice’ glasses, £30

Matte black cat eye glasses: Quay Australia ‘Kittie’ glasses, £30


The classicly boring ones

This classic shape is probably my least favourite, but the most casual and wearable. I wear these glasses when I’m by the pool on holiday as they go with everything and don’t draw too much attention towards my usually makeup free and sweaty face.

Pink: Wildfox Acetate ‘Classic Fox Juliet’ glasses from the ‘Stare At The Sun’ range in pale pink, £148 (found in TK Maxx on clearance for £10!)

Cream: cream ‘Erika’ RayBans I picked up in Duty Free on a whim on my way to Zimbabwe in 2012, £107 (on reflection, I wish I had got the very similar ‘Clubmaster’ style instead of these)


The ‘No Pictures Please’ ones

Paparazzi getting all up in your grill? Or, alternatively, are you just really hungover? Massive sunglasses are the solution. This is my fav type: hugely dramatic, and they give off ‘leave me alone’ vibes. My favourite pair in my ENTIRE COLLECTION is the blue mirrored Quay x Chrisspy blue/tortoise shell pair below. SO CÉLINE.



Mirrored blue tortoise shell glasses: Quay Australia x Chrisspy via ASOS, £40

Leopard print and lime green glasses (only link I could find was to a pair with hot pink inside, sorry): Dolce & Gabbana ‘Animalier Enchanted Beauties’, £135

All black straight-top glasses: House of Celeb Boutique ‘Too Glam’, £39 (imo these are a straight copy of the Célines, and are slightly too flat across the top for me. They kind of give me a uni brow. Not my fav.)

Amelia XX

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