Which Summer Fragrance Is For You?

CK One Summer 2016, Marc Jacobs Decadence, Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct, Gucci Bamboo

If, like me, perfume shops overwhelm you (it’s only a matter of time before I go up to the counter and beg them for their tin of coffee beans to sniff), this blog post may help you work out what should become your signature scent for the summer months, all without the need for cardboard testers, a lack of wrist space, and a fragrance headache.

So, which one is for you? Let’s do a quiz!

Where will you be hanging out this summer?

  1. Around parks, tryna catch a tan, listening to Drake off of an iPhone in a plastic cup.
  2. Shoreditch House, celeb spotting, you know; the usual.
  4. Probably at my boyfriend’s house, watching films, v. low key.

What’s most important to you when choosing a fragrance?

  1. Value for money, I want a lot of product for not much $$$.
  2. The packaging, gotta be bougie.
  3. That it doesn’t budge. It has to last aaaaallll day.
  4. When the scent is addictive, and you just have to keep sniffing it.

When do you usually wear perfume?

  1. I keep it in my bag to freshen up after the gym.
  2. Every day, daaaaarling.
  3. To work, I don’t usually bother when I’m just at home.
  4. Whenever it’s around, but I’m not too fussed about always wearing it.

What kind of scents do you usually go for?

  1. Fresh, citrusy, not too heavy.
  2. Musky, sexy; very SATC.
  3. Vanilla scents, but nothing *too* sweet.
  4. Something unisex, I love the smell of men’s aftershave.

When you’re perfume shopping, what’s most likely to get you to test a new smell out?

  1. When it’s the newest version of a classic perfume.
  2. When it’s the launch the store has a 1,000 signs up about.
  3. When it’s by a designer brand I recognise.
  4. If I’ve smelt it somewhere else first.

If you got mostly 1’s… you want your summer fragrance to smell like ‘summer’

CK one ‘Summer’

It has to be CK one ‘Summer’ then, to be honest. It says exactly what it does on the tin. It’s summer in a bottle. The smell of summer to me is coconut, unused suncream, runny Callipos and warm shoulders from sitting in the park all afternoon; all those stereotypically summery things. This is what CK one ‘Summer’ smells like. It’s super fresh and light, and almost feels like you’re spraying yourself with a cooling mist rather than a perfume. The packaging is super cute too, with lil palm trees covering it (#InstagramGoals #aesthetic). The bottle also comes with the two options of a removable spray top and a screw cap, so that you can transport it easily without the risk of leakage. This is fab considering it’s such a summery fragrance, you can just grab it and shove it in your hand/gymbag, then go order yourself a big Mr Whippy and put a barbecue on. Bam. Done. More halloumi on the grill. A spritz of this. Summer.

You can buy ‘Summer’ here.

If you got mostly 2’s, you’re a ~classy lady~

Marc Jacobs ‘Decadence’

Marc Jacobs ‘Decadence’ is the perfect summer choice for a lady who loves musky scents in the winter. ‘Decadence’ is the new ‘grown up’ scent from Marc Jacobs; the fancier, older sister of Lola and Daisy. ‘Decadence’ is still sweet and flirty, but it has musky undertones, and the b-e-a-utiful emerald and gold packaging is a perfect visual representation of its smell. Ok but anyway: let’s talk about the packaging some more. ‘Decadence’ comes packaged in a mossy green, velvet box, and the lid and bottle are separate. This is because the snakeskin lid, when attached, actually turns the bottle into a tiny little handbag. OMG MY HEART! So classy, and a necessity for the dressing table of any gal that spends their summer Instagramming the flowers outside of Liberty’s and drinking artisanal Cosmopolitans on Bond Street.

You can buy ‘Decadence’ here.

If you got mostly 3’s… you gotta work work work work work

Gucci ‘Bamboo’

If you’re stuck in an office over the summer months, I feel bad for you son. Anyway, just because you have to do emails doesn’t mean you can’t smell peng. Gucci ‘Bamboo’ is the perfect office desk accoutrement, as it’s not too girly, but it’s also not so musky you’ll wonder whose nan died in the office (#SubtlyOpeningTheWindow). It has a lovely citrus undertone that cuts through the sweetness, without it being too ‘fresh’. The advert shows a woman fencing, dancing, furiously driving and, weirdly, playing the piano naked? Anyway I think that although all of those activities may seem disconnected, the point is the perfume will last all day, throughout anything. The vanilla notes blend with your natural smell and mingles there hours after application. It’s super long wearing, and a scent so good you just keep sniffing your sleeve. Or, your bare wrist, you know, if like the lady in the advert it makes you decide to strip off and play a tune.

You can buy ‘Bamboo’ here.

If you got mostly 4’s… you want to steal your boyfriend’s style

Abercrombie & Fitch ‘First Instinct’

If you’re familiar with Abercrombie & Fitch stores, you’ll know they spray the clothes, walls, ceilings, customers and staff with gallons of their original scent, ‘Fierce’. You can smell an  A&F store from half a mile away. It’s an addictive smell, geared towards men, but it’s definitely unisex. A&F’s new fragrance ‘First Instinct’, with its sleek, rippling water effect glass bottle, is like the grown up brother of ‘Fierce’. It’s described online as ‘oriental’ and ‘spicy’, but not so much that it’s heavy. This fragrance is great for the summer because, similarly to ‘Fierce’, it stays in your clothes fibres and scents them, leaving you smelling fiiiiiine (even if the summer heat makes you a sweaty wreck). Also, due to its versatility and unisex smell, it’s great if you’re travelling with a partner this summer (less luggage = more hand room for ice cream, duh).

You can buy ‘First Instinct’ here.

All fragrances featured in this post are available to buy now [at discounted prices!] at www.FragranceDirect.co.uk. What’s your fav summer scent? Do you wear any of the perfumes featured in this post or have any recommendations?

Amelia XX


[Thank you so much to Fragrance Direct for supplying the requested perfumes featured in this post. This is not a sponsored post but Fragrance Direct truly is your best bet for buying perfumes and cosmetics online, all of their products are heavily discounted but exactly the same as the ones you’d find in department stores and perfume shops! Get yo’self a bargain giiiirl!]

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