May & June Favourites

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time! The time with fewer spots and bloating and less being angry at your significant other for no reason! Yes, the Dirt Worst blogger tradition of Monthly Favourites! Anyway I’ve been slacking, so here’s my May & June combined favz.


Pixi Milky Mist and Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Hydrating Elixir

Pixi Hydrating Mist and Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrating Elixir

I am inherently lazy, so anything that saves me even a modicum of time is a winner for me (aka, this freaking SPRAY ON MOISTURISER). Anyway, over the past month these two items have been the dream team for me (and you can read in my Dr Organics post how the serum performs ~exactly~ the same as the Sunday Riley ‘Good Genes’ serum). My skin looks so good and glowy and moisturised and the only thing I’ve changed up is switching to these products. 100% recommend them both, in conjunction, separate, either/and/or.

Becca ‘Opal’ Highlighter

Oh my god, Becky, look at her [nose highlight] – also, sidenote, can this amazing Zoe Karssen jumper be a favourite?
I’m a huge fan of Becca highlighters, of every brand I’ve tried, they really do give the most amazing glow. I usually use Moonstone, which is the perfect pinky-silver colour for my complexion, but obviously caved in and bought Champagne Pop when it became available in England. Although Champagne Pop does give me an amazing glow, it’s also quite peachy/orangey on my skin. In the ‘Blushed Radiance’ kit by Becca that I received for my birthday, there was a miniature version of super popular highlighter colour ‘Opal’, which I’d never ordered due to it being recommended for medium skin tones online. It’s now my go-to and I’ve been reaching for it every time I’ve done my makeup since receiving it, it gives me the outrageous highlight that Champagne Pop does, without the orange hue. It’s a beautiful mid-gold colour, meaning it would work on all skin tones.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Pads

Nip + Fab Glycolic Pads and cleansing wash

I cannot sing the praises of these handy lil pads enough. Again, as stated above: I’m lazy. Even the convenience of my toner already being on my pad is enough for me to pay way over the mark for it. These lil pads are also mini liquid exfoliators, which is fyi, way better for your skin than abrasive exfoliators. This whole range is fab and gentle enough to use every day. I like to use a Glycolic Fix pad post-toning with my Pixi Glow Tonic for an added boost, but when I’m feeling lazy (most days) I just use a Nip+Fab post and YA GOOD TO GO, SISTA.

Clothing and Hair:

Limited Edition Serene Pearl GHD’s

Because I am currently in the process of secretly moving into my boyfriend’s house (he doesn’t know it yet), I bought a new pair of GHD straighteners so I could leave my older GHD’s at his house. Anyway, I used to just have the plain, average black ones, but replaced them with the new fancy-shmancy platinum limited edition Serene Pearl ones. They look like straighteners mermaids would use, i) if mermaids had electricity under the sea, and ii) if mermaids were real. Apart from being Ariel’s dream styler, they are sooo smooth to straighten your hair with. The ‘platinum’ heat pads run down your hair and it really does feel like, it’s damaging it less? Idk. Also they heat up within seconds and have a cool new lil audio thingy to let you know when they’re done, like a fancy hair microwave. I’m not describing them very well but essentially, although they may straighten my hair the same way, I can definitely tell the difference between the regular and platinum stylers. Also they’re like a piece of art on my dressing table so there’s that too.

Wildfox Clothing and Pyjamas

Wildfox ‘Lover’s Bouquet’ Robe [I have been living in this all month and tbh should probably wash it soon].
Wildfox ‘Ye Rustic’ Romper and Wildox ‘Frosty Face Polar’ Pyjamas [Look, do you know how hard is it to take a good photo of pyjamas? It is very hard.]

Wildfox ‘Winter Diet’ sweatshirt

This month I’ve been wearing Wildfox non-stop, mainly because the material is so soft it makes me feel like I’m wearing pyjamas all day long (which I usually am tbh, holla for that unemployed lifestyle). I’m usually super-anti any graphic tee-shirts etc, but for the incredible quality of Wildfox stuff, I can make an exception. ANYWAY, you think I’m paying £150 for a distressed sweatshirt with like, a slice of pizza on the front? Do you know me? You crazy. Wildfox stuff is currently available at like every TK Maxx for £12.99 for the pyjamas, and £16.99 for the clothing. When I say ‘every TK Maxx’, I actually mean every TK Maxx I haven’t been to. Because I have been clearing them out.


Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Cravings’

I received ‘Cravings’ for my birthday from my boyfriend, who is aware my Chrissy Teigen obsession knows no bounds. I didn’t think I’d really use the cookbook much, I just wanted it because she made it (lol fangirl 101). However, I tried the tuna melt recipe and I became obsessed. I’m now going to try way more of the recipes, but honestly, the tuna melt recipe is a GAME CHANGER. I should have known her sandwich recipes would be bomb, after trying this grilled cheese recipe previously and falling in love. Anyway, even if you’re not interested in the food, buy the book just for the headnotes. They’re SO funny, on the day I got this cookbook I sat down and read it like an actual book, ignoring all the food related stuff. Basically what I’m saying here is: Chrissy is a perfect angel bébé.

Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Cravings’ and cover for Cherry Bombe magazine

Love Island

So, you may have heard the controversy surrounding Love Island recently, after the Miss GB organisation took Zara’s title off of her after she had sex on the show. [If you haven’t already, you can read my piece about it for The Independent]. But anyway, I just started watching the show this season after my friend Zara Holland was rumoured to star in it, just to see her on screen and see what shenanigans would happen and kind of shout ‘LOOK IT’S ZARA! LOL!’ whenever she was pictured. I never intended to watch more than one or two episodes. But OH MY GOD, THAT SHIT IS ADDICTIVE. I’ve been waking up excited for that evening’s episode of  Love Island, and I’ve even series linked it on Sky+. That’s how you know it’s real. As much as I didn’t want to like the show, Love Island has become a fiiiiirm favourite, and I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when the series finishes. I hate myself.

Amelia XX


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