Being In Desi Perkins’ Vlog

*are you ready to paaardaay?*

If you follow me on Instagram you may know I went to Cannes recently (to clarify: this is sarcasm, you all definitely know), for the film festival. The megababes over at No Tofu and Harper’s Bazaar sent me, to cover the festival and interview some ~celebz~.

One of whom was Desi Perkins, massively famous beauty YouTuber and all round Flawless Earth Angel.

Here are some selfies we took, where I desperately tried to hold it together:




Anyway, Steven Perkins (her equally famuz and equally lovely husband) vlogged the whole thing, and I ended up being in two whole minutes of their Cannes vlog. Which to me, a mega fangirl, was pretty damn cool.

You can watch me be a lil nerd here, just skip to 22 and a half minutes in:

I’ll post a link to the interview when it’s ready and up, but it’ll most likely be in the irl September issue of No Tofu (oh, did I mention, I’m their contributing editor now? I didn’t? Ok. Cool. NBD anyway).

*Desi Voice* THANK YOU… SO MUCH!

Amelia XX

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