May’s Empties

My newest obsession is ’empties’ Youtube hauls. It’s amazingly gross. Like, how long did you keep that razor knocking about your bathroom until you had, collectively, enough items to make an 8 minute video about, bro? Anyway, I did the same thing month. Because I’m repulsive.


MAC ‘All That Glitters’ eyeshadow, ABH ‘Brow Wiz’, Surratt ‘Autographique Eyeliner’, Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin Concealer’, Benefit ‘Porefessional’

I think I’ve mentioned all these products before as my favs and constant repurchases, so them being in an empties post makes sense really. These are basically all my Holy Grail items, it just so happened I ran out of them all at the same time (isn’t that always the way?). In terms of repurchasing, I’ve repurchased 4/5 of the items, but Surratt is having a worldwide shortage of its eyeliner refills, so if you see me around sans signature wings, it’s not my fault, yo.


Versace ‘Bright Crystal’

You see that also nearly empty back up in the background? You see the reflection of those pink and yellow boxes directly behind it? Ya girl constantly has back ups of this perfume. Try it out, and don’t blame me when you’re late to work because thirty people asked for your number on the tube.


Elvive ‘Extraordinary Clay’ shampoo + conditioner

PITCH: bigger bottles of shampoo to conditioner ratio for people with long hair. No? Nobody? Just me? …Is this thing on?

Anyway, this shit’s being plugged all over various socials like that Tresemme ‘reverse your routine’ thingy, except this stuff is good. Sali Hughes described it as for ‘people that feel they need to wash their hair every day but don’t want to’. Hello: it me. I still wash my hair every day but I don’t feel like a big greasy ball as much at the end of the day. Good.


Pixi ‘Glow Tonic’ Toner

I have three new bottles of this in my cupboard and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Glow Tonic To-Go pads. This is my life elixir.

Comodynes Urban Cosmetic Micellar Water makeup wipes

I didn’t bring my entire face routine with me to Cannes, and therefore my skin suffered terribly. However, the basics I thought I did bring with me (makeup remover and toner), turns out I even forgot those. So for the first three days I wiped my makeup off with a flannel (sorry hotel), used my Clarisonic, had panda eyes and hoped for the best until I found a pharmacy to grab some wipes from. I picked these ones up as they’re the only ones the shop had (€6 for some wipes are u mad, France?), but they actually turned out to be amazing! I’m not sure if they’re available in the UK, but they felt more like a muslin cloth than a wipe, and because they have Micellar Water in them rather than oil or chemicals, they didn’t make my eyes sting at all.

Kiehl’s ‘Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque’

This was my go-to face mask until I discovered the Aesop Parsley Seed one. This mask is still 10/10 for minimising black heads and tightening pores, and the pot has lasted me over a year, but it has finally come to the end. I think I’ll continue to steal my boyfriend’s until I finally have to re-buy my own. But yeah, Kiehl’s can do no wrong in my eyes and I would def recommend it for my peeps with oily skin and big ass blackheads.

Is this a weird blog post concept? Is this even interesting? Did anyone even read down this far?

Amelia XX



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