Haul: The Beauty Products I Received For My Birthday!

I am the nosiest of the noseys and ‘birthday haul’ videos are always what I click on fastest. They’re so lame but so interesting, like: oh girl, what ya got there? A new bag? A fancy Anthropologie saucer? Some Oliver Bonas plant pots? Anyway, no-one ever knows what to get me for my birthday so I end up with loads of beauty stuff (I’m not complaining). So, like, I guess I should blog about it? I did the same at Christmas. I haven’t tried many of these products out in full yet so these aren’t lengthy reviews, but if you want to see more in-depth posts about certain products, as always, lemme know in da cawwwwments.

(Also, lol’ing at how ‘full blogger’ I’ve become, photographing my items on a marble and rose gold chopping board with a background of balloons. SMH. SMDH.)


D&G Number 3 ‘L’Imperatrice’ and Gucci Bamboo travel size

I’m a packaging sucker. I am a packaging whore. How can I not love a travel sized Gucci Bamboo when it’s packaged in a tiny silver bamboo stick?


All Lancôme (mate, don’t make me write that word repeatedly, I don’t want to have to find the little ‘o’ hat more than absolutely necessary): Énergie de Vie, Exfoliance Confort, Gel Éclat, Hydra Zen and Hydra Zen Nuit

After Cannes (I went to Cannes, don’t you know? For the film festival? No biggie. No big deal babe) my skin went to shit so I was grateful for a buttload of face shit. I’d tried a sample of the Énergie de Vie moisturizer and it’s amazing for oily skin, super lightweight. Also I’ve used the Gel Éclat with my Clarisonic for the last six months and it’s p good imo. Lancôme’s super great for lightweight, non abrasive products that really work so I’d recommend them for people with sensitive skin that like ~nice smelling stuffs~.


Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist, Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist, Pixi H2O Skin Drink

I have so many various Pixi sprays I essentially take baths in them. They’re all great. Also, the H2O cream felt lovely on my hand in the shop, but we all know how it feels on our hand is very different to how it feels on our face (no innuendo intended I promise), so we’ll see.



Tom Ford ‘Seductive Rose’ Eyeshadow Quad
The Balm ‘Voyage’ Palette

Tom Ford makeup is absolutely not worth the ridiculous price tag but also it is completely worth the price tag. Look at that pink shimmer. It kills me. I am dead. Death by overpriced eyeshadow palettes. She died as she lived. RIP.

Also, The Balm came THROUGH with that Voyage palette. The picture doesn’t show it, but you could easily do a whole look with it (9 eyeshadows, a contour, a highlight that is essentially Mary-Loumanizer, 2 blushes and 2 lip colours). The eyeshadows steal the show here though, they’re so beautiful and sparkly. (Also: pretty sure my mum got this from TK Maxx so keep an eye out as it’s still being sold full price elsewhere).

Makeup Bits:

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Tinted Eyelash Primer, ABH ‘Dip Brow’, ABH ‘Brow Wiz’, Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin Concealer’ (I’m the shade Fair/Neutral), MAC ‘All That Glitters’ eyeshadow, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium

These were my most boring beauty bits, as they’re mainly just re-buys of stuff I ran out of. Except for the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, which may have been my fav gift of them all. Trying this out for the first time, I was disappointed at how teeny tiny it is (for that price, u sure Kevyn? huh playboy? u sure?). BUT it is so pigmented I barely needed any on my brush. Also, kinda felt like the Grim Reaper, it was shadows in a box. Unlike even the grey-est toned contour powders out there, this powder left absolutely no orange streaks or muddy marks, and melted into my skin to make me look like my face had lost 5 pounds. Incredible stuff. Thank u Kevy Acorn.

Becca ‘Blushed Radiance’ Set

In the words of Ilana: Uuuuuum, YAAAAAAAS KWEEN. Mum pulled it out the bag with this present. LOOK AT THAT TEENY TINY TEEEEEENY HIGHLIGHTER AND BLUSH COMBO! Honestly, if anything is miniature I will love it even more than its normal sized counterpart (anything).

So yeah, overall, great b’day. Would you be interested in a non-beauty birthday gift ‘haul’ kinda thing or nah?

Amelia xx

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