April Favourites

WOW you know you’ve neglected your blog when your last post is last month’s favourites. I mean, no-one actually cares because I’m pretty sure my nan is the only person that reads it, but I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been in Dubai (should I do a Dubai blogpost? Hmmmmmm?). And had deadlines. And loads of other excuses I could have very easily got around and blogged in my extremely large amount of spare time. Anyway! April Favs!


Morphe contour brush

It’s the most densely packed brush from the Morphe contouring set (£20 via Cult Beauty), and I rediscovered it after realising I needed a dense brush to apply my Marc Jacobs foundation (see my previous post). This brush applies foundation like a dream and doesn’t leave streaks or lines. I’ve been using it when I cba to get up and run my Beauty Blender under the tap, lol. Anyway, in general, I rediscovered the Morphe contouring brush set and it is a fav again.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick

Another Sephora purchase, I went in aiming to buy the classic Lolita shade, but it was SO brown on my pale skin tone (shoutout to extremely unrepresentative Internet swatches). So this shade, Lovesick, looks like on me what Lolita looks like on everyone with ‘normal’ skin tones. I only have one other liquid lipstick so I can’t really tell you it’s the best formulation ever because I don’t have many to compare it to, but it’s long lasting and you only get the classic liquid lipstick butthole mouth at the end of the day. It’s a very pigmented formula so I’d recommend one light coat so that it doesn’t get all crusty up in hurrrr.

image1 (1)
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and NYX Slide on, Glide On Lipliner in ‘Nude Suede Shoes’

I never ever thought I’d wear a ‘high street’ brand when it comes to concealer (I’m a face makeup snob, if it’s touching my skin, I feel like it has to be fancy?) but I’ve completely run out of all my concealer and nowhere online has my Urban Decay shade in stock, so needs must. However, this concealer is RAD. Its coverage is just like that of my Urban Decay/NARS concealers, and it really does give that wide eyed look it promises, regardless of the fact it’s slightly darker than my skin. Usually the whole ‘woken up’ thing only happens when the concealers a few shades lighter, so I’d say that this concealer is better for highlighting rather than spot concealing. Also, another ‘drug store’ find, NYX IS NOW AT BOOTS. Nobody panic. This lipliner is everything. For pale girls, this is the best ‘nude’ liner, as I find most are either too pink or too brown.If you have darker skin, I’d recommend NYX’s same liner in ‘Sugar Glass’ which is slightly browner. But for me, this is perfect, applies so creamily, and is only £5.5o. My life will never be the same.

Loved this lipliner so much I grew a flower crown


MAC perfume rollerball

This was an impulse buy at the MAC counter (which idiot buys perfume without smelling it? This guy) but it paid off! This smells exactly like ~summer~. It smells like sun tan lotion and Piña Colada’s and your collarbones after sitting outside in the sun for an alfresco lunch. It’s light, fresh and beautiful, and the rollerball design is so useful for travelling.


Accessorize rose gold card holder/purse (It’s called ‘Shoreditch’ online)

I was recently looking through my purse and realised I had FOUR Pinkberry loyalty cards. [FYI: Pinkberry hasn’t been open in Europe for the past four years].It was time for a clear out and a change. I got this lil cute card holder from Accessorize (it was only £6!), and the thing I love about it is that although it’s minimal and small, it has a zip pocket for loyalty cards or cash, like a lot of card holders don’t. Plus it’s rose gold.

Adidas x Raf Simons trainers, £220

I have the Adi-Rafs in grey and I’ve worn them nearly every day for a year. They’re more expensive than normal Stan Smiths because the leather is such good quality, which makes them super comfy. They’re so classic, the grey goes with everything, but they were starting to look a bit worn, so I decided I needed another pair for summer, and these dusky pink ones were perfect. I’d only seen them on various ‘luxury’ Instagram pages, where the products are usually super old or super limited edition (or, quite often, fake), so I was super happy to find them in Dubai Mall’s Level Shoes store. Weirdly, they’re a different price and a different size range from the original launch. I paid £240 for my grey ones a year ago, and the new launch is £20 cheaper. Also, I was a 5.5 in the original launch, and that size was HUGE on me this time around, so if you’re looking to get them, definitely try them on prior to buying or order a size down.

Amelia xx


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