Review: Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation and Coconut Primer

It’s late 2015 and your YouTube subscriptions are POPPING with ‘Marc Jacobs full collection swatches!!!!!’ videos. I too got sucked in, but I live in the UK and I was not willing to take the risk of just ordering the lightest shade and hoping for the best, because, in the words of Kathleen Lights, dasssss essspensive.


So anyway like a year later (always late to the party) I was in Dubai and the Sephora in Dubai Mall had the full collection. The lightest colour looked amazing on the tiny part of my jaw I let the Sephora lady remove my makeup from. Literally the tiniest drop and it covered all of my freckles and pigmentation. It is xxxxxxxtremely high coverage. Anyway she then told me I had to have the coconut primer to go with it, which I was sceptical about, but I would have kicked myself if I had got back to the UK and the foundation literally didn’t work without it. So, I got both, and it came to about £80. Eeeeeeesh.

SO. I have mixed feelings about this foundation/primer combo. The packaging is so lovely, both items match and look like lil pills. They’re in minimalistic frosted glass bottles and look v cute on my dressing table. BUT I DIGRESS. The colour selection was good… if you’re white. The lightest colour matches my skin very well, something that usually doesn’t happen. However, there’s only three black shades. If you are black, this line probably isn’t for you, because, like most makeup lines, they just didn’t even bother to cater for black skin tones. Which fucking sucks and I’m sorry 😦

But onto the COVERAGE. The woman in Sephora explained to me that it’s literally just pigment, and you have to shake it up like paint. It is true, it will cover literally anything with one tiny drop (it’s a dropper, not a pump). They recommend 3 drops for your whole face, and it’s so easy to think ‘that’s too little’ and over do it. A little goes a looooong way, and if this is your fav foundation, that might make the price a lil more justifiable.

But, do I love it? Hmm. Kind of. It’s for a very weird skin type, because you can’t set it with powder in my experience. Never before have I had to take off a whole face of foundation because it looked so awful, and that’s because I tried to bake after using this foundation. The product looked cakey and awful, it was separating all over my nose and under eyes, and the more I applied to try and combat it, the thicker and claggier it got, with the foundation moving all over the place. Sans powder, the product is beautiful; it leaves a full FULL coverage matte finish, with a lightweight feel. However, it also clings to dry patches like a MOTHERFUCKER. So, the best skin type for this foundation is: normal to oily, but not so oily you have to set it with powder, with a lack of spots but still wants full coverage, but also has no dry skin? Essentially, to make this product work, you need good skin underneath it.

ALSO, side note, the woman tried to up-sell me a special brush that went with it, but my Morphe brush at home was a similar density so I declined. To my horror, this product DOES NOT WORK WITH A BEAUTY BLENDER. You have to buff it in with a *very* dense brush. Again, I re-iterate: it is just like paint.

And the primer? I’ve tried it with the Marc Jacobs foundation, and with others. I’m not 100% sold on it. It’s very thin and lightweight (it’s the same consistency as the Nivea aftershave balm primer everyone and their nan uses), and the smell is quite weird (not coconut-y at all sadly). It doesn’t ‘fill in’ your pores like Benefit Porefessional does, it’s one of those primers that dries kind of tacky so your foundation ‘sticks’ to it. Overall, a decent primer, but I’m not quite sure yet why YouTube went mental over it.

Does anyone know how to make this foundation work with powder over the top? If so, it might just be my favourite foundation!

Amelia xx


3 thoughts on “Review: Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation and Coconut Primer

  1. I’ve been dying to try this foundation but now that I’ve seen your review I don’t think it would work for my skin type. Thanks for your post! I think you just saved me a lot of money. 😉


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