Review: February Beauty Buys

Ok so February was my month of cutting back on makeup spending. Anyway long story short, I didn’t stick to it at all. Surprise! This isn’t a ‘February Favourites’ as such, but more of a review type thing. Although I liked most of the products I bought, so hey, maybe it’s a favourites?

Urban Decay ‘Naked 3’ and Becca x Jaclyn Hill ‘Champagne Pop’

Naked 3: £38.50, Becca highlighter: £30

I had a leftover Christmas voucher which somehow justified buying Naked 3 (also: now I have all of the collection my OCD is satiated). I’m not enamoured with the Naked palettes in general (the pigment isn’t my fav and the pans are annoyingly small for big brushes), but the Naked 3 is my favourite out of the sets, as rose gold/pinks are my favourite eye shadow colour. All the colours are very similar but there’s a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, although I wish there were a few chunky glitters in there to compliment the latter. However, the darkest colour ‘Blackheart’ is really nice, as I’ve never liked black eyeshadow, but with the red glitter particles in it it’s very pretty as a smudgy eyeliner look. Anyway, overall I’m glad I have the complete collection, but I’m even more glad I didn’t have to pay full price lol.

Now, let’s just talk about Champagne Pop for a second.

Take a minute if you need one.


I have every highlighter in the world (probably), and I think drugstore highlighters can actually get the job done pretty well! But this one. THIS ONE.


I couldn’t get anything near a picture that captured it well, and even this one outside in natural lighting isn’t showing how gorgeous it is. It’s an apricot glittery shimmer, that makes anywhere you dust it look like it’s made of gold. When I put it on, even my extremely unobservant boyfriend complimented it. 10/10, not overhyped at all, buy it, congrats Jaclyn Hill.

Tom Ford lipstick in ‘Pink Tease’

Tom Ford lipstick: £38

This was an impulse buy at the Selfridges beauty counter and I regret nothing. Tom Ford matte lipsticks apply like a dream, stay on and matte all day, and most importantly, don’t dry your lips out. In fact, they feel super nourishing. ‘Pink Tease’ is a perfect muted matte Barbie pink. Extremely summery but I’m wearing it in early March anyway cos time is a made up concept. Yeah, you might have to sell your first born to buy one, but babies are dumb anyway.

Bumble & Bumble ‘Thickening Spray’, Bumble & Bumble ‘Surf Spray’ (mini), Kiehl’s ‘Rare Earth Daily Cleanser’, Too Faced ‘Shadow Insurance’, Laura Mercier ‘Loose Setting Powder in Translucent’

B&B thickening spray: £22, B&B surf spray: £9, Kiehl’s face wash: £18, Too Faced Shadow Insurance: £17, Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder: £22

Ok so the Kiehl’s face wash isn’t necessarily a beauty item, but it gets an honourable mention because it’s one of my constant re-buys. I bought the Bumble & Bumble products after a very nice man on the Liberty counter complimented my hair for ages and then told me these products would give my (extremely long, thick and flat) hair crazy volume. I don’t care for my hair at all apart from wash it daily, so can’t compare these products to much, but they smell lovely and do give my hair a bit of oomph. I can see them working much better for finer, shorter hair, so if you have a bob I’d say give them a go.

I didn’t own an eyeshadow primer before, and I’d seen loads of Youtube makeup artists use Shadow Insurance in their videos. I usually just put concealer and powder on my eyelids before my shadow and it seems to work pretty well, and tbh, I think I’m going to continue doing that. This product might work better if it’s a chunky glitter you’re using, but for normal day-to-day eyeshadow, it makes my eyes feel quite oily, moves any foundation around that might accidentally be on your eyelid, and doesn’t seem to do anything more than what just using concealer before your shadow does. Cute packaging but kind of disappointed, and the tube is really tiny.

However: the Laura Mercier Setting Powder in ‘Translucent’, eeeeeeeeesh. Every Youtuber and their mum owns it, and it’s for a good reason. This powder is amazing for setting under-eye concealer, and I also use it to set my whole face/contour. My mum’s used it for years (literally 15 years), and is still using the same tub, so it’s really good value for money too. There’s a slightly more finely milled version that’s more readily available (this one is sold out everywhere), but this one is def worth the wait if you want that bright under-eye look.

What was your Feb Fav so I can check it out this month? Any tips to get the most out of my otherwise useless Shadow Insurance?

Amelia xx

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