Dupe: ABH ‘Dusty Rose’, Colourpop ‘Trap’ & Stila ‘Baci’

Living in England is great, with all our tea varieties and disagreement over how to pronounce words that never come up in conversations ever, like ‘scone’ and ‘bathtub’. However, I have a bone to pick with like, the UK in general: waddup with your lack of good makeup? Why do I have to pay extortionate import taxes? Where’s my gal Anastasia Beverly Hills when I need her most?


So I settled for a dupe of a mix between ABH ‘Dusty Rose’ & Colourpop’s ‘Trap’. I got Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in ‘Baci’ and (after some mixed feelings), I think it might have changed my life?

I got it from Cult Beauty as a panic purchase for £1 because I had a rapidly expiring £15 voucher, which def sweetened the deal. But even so, at full price I wouldn’t have been annoyed I bought it. At first I thought it didn’t suit me because it has some major grey/mauve undertones going on and because I’m so pale, it made me look a bit dead. On my tanned house mate it looks a bit nicer I think. However, it made my lips appear plumper and squishier after I’d applied a few coats. It stayed matte and lasted a long time, and I only got the liquid lipstick ‘butthole mouth’ after a three course dinner and drinks. It didn’t smudge down my chin like regular lipstick either, and it didn’t dry out my lips. It also didn’t do the weird thing where it goes bitty on your lips. Now I want all the colours they do! 5 stars, Stila.


But yeah it’s a masssssive dupe for Colourpop’s ‘Trap’, and although the Colourpop version is cheaper, after import taxes/postage etc for someone in England personally it would probably work out the same, and Stila is way easier to get hold of.

Having said that, if you know anywhere to get ABH or Colourpop in the UK without the hassle hit me up in da comments.

Amelia x

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