So Fresh So Clean: Acrylic Make-up Storage

Make-up bags are over. I’m calling it now. I’m extremely done with searching through twenty foundation splashed bags, rummaging to the bottom and practically breaking the seams in the process just to get to my eyebrow pencil. Nah. So I did that fun Twitter meme thing and ‘upgraded’ my make-up storage by going HAM in Muji. Because I am exactly the same as every other beauty blogger out there. (Sorry if this post is super boring but I’d been considering all acrylic errything for a while and it was a great decision).



So yeah, I got one of the Muji mini (described as ‘narrow’ on their website) flip top drawers to sit on top (£8.50) and two non-flip ‘wide’, 2 drawer box thingies (£10.95 each). I also got two of their acrylic pen pots to store my brushes in (£1.95 each). They’re fab cos I can see everything at once, it’s all so neat and fab for a lil OCD freak like me, and p cheap imo. Not very portable but hey-ho. I’m currently keeping my daily eyelashes and beauty blenders/beauty blender sprays in old candle pots. I have a set of Tom Dixon candles that I’m in two minds about: like I don’t want them to burn down, but once they have, I’m going to have some BANGING brush storage. God I’ve gone full mum-with-a-Pinterest-account here, haven’t I.

I’m finding I’m wearing way less make-up than usual, so this amount of storage fits all my every day stuff, including most of the palettes I own. The rest of the make-up I own sits in big toiletry bags at home in my cupboard, being sad it didn’t make the cut.

If you have any revolutionary make-up storage ideas hit me up on Tweeeeeeter dot com (@perrrrin)!

Amelia x

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