Review: Ciaté x Olivia Palermo ‘Bluff Point’ Cheekbone Cheat

Look how preeeeetty it is! LOOK! Look at the gold hardware and the faux caviar leather compact! The lil embossed ‘OP’ on the powder! LOOOOOK!


Anyway, hi guys: this is £25, but I got it for £6.99 because TK Maxx around Christmas time is honestly ~bae~. This is the Ciaté x OP Cheekbone Cheat in ‘Bluff Point’, and consists of a half bronzer/half blusher compact. This product comes in two shades (of which this is the lighter shade), the other one is darker brown/more coral (called ‘Seaside Park’).


Anyway yeah, I just got back from a lil outsidey mini weekend break and had to take only the bare minimum makeup (I wore hardly any all weekend anyway cos I am Lay-Z). I thought this would be perfect to take instead of all my contouring products/blusher shit.


Bronzer is always a bit weird on my skin tone just because I’m so pale, it always shows up waaaay too much/is orange af, but this one was cool toned and light enough to be perfect for an extremely subtle contour/to give me some colour so I look slightly less Death.


The blusher was also a cute, matte universal pink. Both products applied gr8 with the one, same brush, and looked flawless when I Beauty Blended them in after application.


My one gripe with it (and this is my gripe with all duo compacts) is that with my one thick brush, the blusher and bronzer went onto the brush at the same time, meaning I would get some blusher where I meant to bronze. At home this wouldn’t really be an issue because I’d use separate brushes, but yeah, just a bit annoying. However, the small, adorable compact made up for this tiny nuisance.



So yeah: CUTE. They had some other Ciaté x OP stuff that I’m tempted to go back and get now, including some equally adorably packaged lipsticks. For £6.99 it’s a super adorbs travelling companion but I’ll probably also use it at home when I ceeeebs to get all Mario Dedivanovic up on my face. Also, the amazing packaging makes me feel #LuxeBitch when using it, so I might just carry it around to use the mirror for my numerous daily lipstick top ups.

Amelia x

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