Review: Benefit Advent Calendar 2015

I love chocolate, but I never eat the chocolate from regular advent calendars. I think it’s the monotony that stops me. Another slightly-less-flavoursome-than-normal-with-no-real-reason-to-be tiny piece of chocolate? Like I’ve been forced to have every other morning for a month? No thanks. But with beauty advent calendars, who doesn’t love getting new makeup, especially when it’s miniature, available every day at your convenience, and a surprise what you’re getting?

Beauty advent calendars have been around for a while now but I’ve noticed they’ve become a bigger thing this year in particular, and when my mum offered to get me one I was like yaaaaaaas.

This is my first beauty advent calendar, and although I’m not the hugest fan of Benefit (I would have totes got the Diptyque calendar if it wasn’t £200), I loved the surprise of getting new makeup every morning. There were only 12 instead of 24 lil ‘doors’, but it was also only like £35, so not too bad (there were also complaints I read online about last year’s calendar that was 24 doors, but was double the price and had 12 smaller gifts like pens and stuff in it too, so it’s fab that Benefit listened to these qualms and switched it up!).

Anyway: spoiler alert if you have the calendar but don’t know what’s in it (idk why, but maybe you haven’t opened it yet or something like a LOSER).

Pretty cute! The best gift imo was the primer (because I use the full sized version of it anyway), and the calendar gave me opportunities to try stuff I had seen but hadn’t bought, like the adorable sample sized Watts Up. The lip glosses are also cute and great for ya clutch bag.

The calendar itself was adorbs and brightly coloured, and even sang a cute beauty version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.


However, although it did sing, it was light activated to make it do so, and when the sun came up, it would go off and wake me up 😦 So I had to keep it downstairs in the dark, which was a bummer.


Overall, a super cute idea and I reckon next year (or in the January sales lols) I’ll invest in a ~fancier~ one.

Amelia x


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