Review: Cult Beauty Goodie Bag 2015

So Cult Beauty recently had an offer on their site that you would receive a goodie bag worth £180 if you spent £125. I had a £200 online basket just chilling and this gave me the motivation to actually purchase it. I’ll be reviewing all the stuff I actually bought at some point, but in the meantime I thought I’d review the goodie bag that came with my giant order.


Products that came in the bag, ranked in order most to least favourite and why:

  1. Cult Beauty £15 gift card: literally free money. Haven’t bought anything with it yet, but don’t you worry, I’m sure I’ll find something.
  2. Pixi Glow Tonic: the toner I use every day, twice a day. Having more of a staple product is always nice, and the travel sized is handy as I currently have two holidays booked.
  3. May Lindstrom The Honey Mud: OMG this shit smells so good. Like Baileys and rich dark chocolate blended up and made into a paste so thick it’s hard to get out the jar. The sample is huge and the jar itself is weighted and luxurious. It can be used as an every day cleanser (though, lmao, maybe not when the real thing is £64 for a small jar) or a face mask. Leaves my skin silky and I feel like a #luxebitch. Good enough to make me consider buying the real thing (and then when I checked the price I remembered who I was).
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: V good! Doesn’t make my brows weird and hard like most brow gels, but keeps them 100% in place. Also, it doesn’t move the product off my eyebrows. When I finish the tester I’ll buy the real thing.
  5. Neom candle in Tranquility: just a normal lavender candle, but who doesn’t love a candle? #bitcheslovecandles. It’s full sized as well so that’s nice.
  6. Tata Harper Purifying Oil Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser: I was kind of scared about using this one, as the prospect of putting oil onto my already oily face scared me. However it made my face tingle (like it was working) and my skin felt nice afterwards. I haven’t used it to remove makeup yet, just cleanse, so I can’t confirm whether I’d buy it. Big sample though so I’ll take it on my many travelz.
  7. Odacité Facial Oil: another oil, another product I was scared of using. I mixed a drop into my moisturiser and it was v nourishing for the cold winter air when I had a bare face, but I think it’s too oily for under a cake face of makeup. It’s also extremely lemon grassy smelling which turned me off a bit. My face did feel very moisturized and ready for the cold weather outside, though.
  8. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid: I was so excited for this but disappointed for a variety of reasons! Firstly, I was under the impression it was going to be a smaller version of the pressed highlighters due to the pictures shown of the goodie bag, but it’s the liquid type. Secondly, it’s in one of the darker colours, and comes out almost like a liquid bronzer on me. Once again, another unusable product. Mum?
  9. Laura Geller blush: I was also excited for this because I’ve never tried any Laura Geller products before and the blush colour looked so nice. It is super nice and kind of shimmery, but alas, far too dark for my pale skin. As a sample, it’s essentially a full sized blush (think of a Bourjois rouge pot size), so that impressed me. I’ll probably give it to someone with olive skin.
  10. Emma Hardie Amazing Face cream: I ran out of my moisturiser and I’ve been using this instead. It feels nice on my skin and is the ‘lightest’ cream out of all the face cream samples, but I still don’t think I’d buy it in place of my normal moisturiser.
  11. Oskia Renaissance 360 cream: not too fussed about it. Just felt like quite a heavy moisturiser (which is not what my face needs).
  12. Therapie Pink Himalayan Bath Salts: I haven’t used them yet but it’s a big sample size, I love baths and they’re pink, so yeah, probably alright tbh.
  13. Alphah Liquid Gold: kinda made my skin tingle in an uncomfortable way, kinda made me oily. I liked the packaging, branding and idea of it more than the actual product. Maybe good for someone with less sensitive skin than me.
  14. Sunday Riley Good Genes cream: one of those creams that I just know is way too heavy and greasy for my skin. Again, I’ll delegate this to the ‘for my mum’ pile.

So yeah, in general receiving the big goodie bag of new products to try was more exciting than the actual products. But it was good to get the gift card for my next order, and the travel size of my every day toner. I’ll also definitely be purchasing the ABH brow gel when I’m done with this one. (NB: About two days later on Black Friday, Cult Beauty did an offer that would have got me £50 off my order which is a bit annoying, but the amount of products in the goodie bag practically doubled the size of my order, so my excitement probably outweighed my annoyance at their Black Friday code lol.)

I’ll review the stuff I got from Cult Beauty asap!

Amelia x





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