Review: Urban Decay’s Pore Perfecting Potion & Naked Skin Concealer

Firstly, sorry for the crappy quality photos, I usually steal my housemate’s ~special~ camera but she doesn’t have it this week, so I had to use my iPhone to take the pics. Secondly, sorry for gross pictures of my hand. They’re pale and veiny and I don’t have my acrylics on anymore because of a tragic acrylic accident I had a few weeks ago in Tesco which has put me off for life (or, at least until my nails have grown enough to have acrylics put on them again).

Anyway, enough about my human grossness, and onto the products. I wasn’t meant to buy myself any more makeup because Christmas is coming and I already know I’m getting makeup and vouchers to buy makeup with, but it was Black Friday and UD was on 10% off and my primer and concealer were running out and ultimately I am a weak human.


Usually to prime my face (if I remember) I use Benefit’s Porefessional, but the UD one seemed soft on my hand in the shop and I like to switch it up. The concealer drew me in because of it’s incredibly light shade (looks too yellow for me in the picture because of the weird lighting, although nothing’s a perfect colour-wise for me due to my paleness, it’s a pretty ok match and looks better irl). The lady said she preferred the UD Naked Skin texture to Nars Creamy Concealer (my grail), but said it was a pretty good dupe. The Nars one runs out so quickly and is £22 for a tiny tube, so I thought I’d try the UD version. Obv, the packaging is cool too. UD never really fails in the packaging department.


Anyway, onto when I got home and tried them properly.

The concealer:

Amazing! Creamy! Literally exactly the same as Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer! And I think you get more in the tube! And it’s £17.50 (full price) compared to £22 for the Nars! And they have a big colour selection! Good! Great! Go buy it!


The primer:

Lil more underwhelmed with this product. She told me it would keep my makeup on and get rid of any excess oil on my face, but by the end of the night (I was only had my makeup on for about 3 hours) I was greasy and shiny like usual. When I put the product on my hand to put on my face, I was surprised at how wet and greasy it was, so I shook up the bottle to try and mix it, but it was still quite watery. It did create a smooth base and hid my pores, but didn’t do much for my oil and shine, and it felt weird putting grease on to the areas where I specifically wanted there to be none. Hmm. Maybe the formula will improve the more I use it.



(I put it only on the right hand side of my hand I think it looks noticeably smoother)

So yeah, love the concealer, hoped for better things for the primer, but I think it might improve with time when the formula mixes more.

If you know any good grease busting primers let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitterrrrr @perrrrin or IG @ameliaperrin

Amelia x

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