Review/Comparison: ABH ‘Fair’ and ‘Light’ Cream Contour Kits

First up: I’m sorry my palettes are so messy, they look gross. But every girl knows cream contouring is a messy business. And could I be bothered to sit and meticulously wet wipe them for the sake of a blog post? No, because I am the worst blogger.


As well as being The Worst Blogger I am also The Palest Blogger. I bought the original ABH ‘Light’ cream contour kit when it came out like the fool I am (since, they have realised it was way too orange and not only change the colours for an updated ‘Light’ palette, they also created the ‘Fair’ palette). I then did the exact same thing with the ‘Fair’ palette knowing I’d probably regret it when they brought out a better version in a month. However, so far so good, and it’s waaaaay better than the ‘Light’ version for us pale gals.


The ‘Light’ version was not only too orange toned and dark, the highlighting shades weren’t useful (apart from Banana, which my flatmate who doesn’t use hers, kindly switched out my run out Banana for her untouched one).


The ‘Light’ highlighting shades weren’t lighter than my skin at all, so didn’t do much to highlight. I only used the Banana shade in lieu of anything better, but I held out hope for the white middle shade of the ‘Fair’ kit when I saw pictures floating around of a prototype online.


Anyway when it arrived I was slightly disappointed because the white shade isn’t opaque, but instead is transparent and glittery. Weird that they’ve included a glittery highlighter in a sculpting contour palette, but whatever. The other two highlight shades are good and do the job, but they’re extremely similar (like to the extent I thought my palette was faulty and they were the same). The contour shades are also much much much cooler toned and regardless of my extremely pale skin, I can still use the darkest shade and achieve natural looking shadows.


The other thing that makes it an improvement on the ‘Light’ kit is the packaging. It was a hard to clean and easily battered cardboard palette as you can see from the pictures, and now it’s a cute (and slightly smaller) hard plastic kit, which makes it feel more professional and gives me hope that they might start to make refills more available (and cheaper).

Cream contouring provides a way more natural finish than powder contouring due to its blendability, but the ABH powder version stays on my skin longer than the cream kit due to how easily it can wipe off if you sweat or have oily skin. So my only hopes for an improvement on this kit are: ABH brings out a powder version of the ‘Fair’ kit, switches up the highlighting shades a bit, and makes the pans a bit bigger (I don’t want to keep buying refills, I hit pan so easily! A GURLZ GOTTA CONTOUR.)

Amelia x

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