Review: Tom Ford Noir Matte Lipstick in ‘First Time’

Tom Ford’s beauty products are all aesthetically amazing (I feel like a classy mistress from a black-and-white movie using them) and I’ve been pleased so far with all of my purchases from there (the beautiful Asian lady at the Harvey Nichols counter now recognises me and knows my name, oops), but I’ve never been super drawn to their (his?) lipsticks. This is probably because the only time I’ve tried them the woman (on the Stratford John Lewis counter) had no idea what she was doing and more lipstick ended up on my chin than it did on my lips. Also she somehow decided that a blueberry shade of purple was my colour? Nope. Anyway, I literally took the lipstick off her and applied it myself, but still all of the formulations were too on the side of ‘demi’ when they say ‘demi-matte’ for me, and none of the colours wow’d me, until I visited the TF counter at Harvey Nichols on Wednesday.


The lady (unfortunately not the lady I ‘know’ on the counter, but a helpful lady nonetheless) showed me the new collection, which had a lipstick I was drawn to immediately.


It was dark pink and matte, but when I tried it, it was slightly nuder and peachier than I had expected. Being extremely pale, it’s so hard to find a nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look like a corpse, or one that doesn’t make my lips look blended into my chin. This was the perfect pinky nude for me, and was a lot more matte then the other formulations I had tried. Being a creature of habit, it’s extremely similar to the lipstick I always wear (Pink Plaid by MAC) which is probably what attracted me to it, but if you’re looking for a budget version the MAC is a v good dupe. The only real difference is, the TF version is slightly more peachy and is of a more velvety consistency than the MAC, which makes it brighter and more comfortable to wear imo.


My one (mini) gripe about it is the woman said it was limited edition and from the new collection, which made it £42 (instead of the normal £38 for any TF lipstick). I love anything limited edition so I was excited. I didn’t mind too much about the price difference and paid it, but when I googled the colour name when I got home, I realised it was neither ‘limited edition’ nor ‘new’, it was in fact just ‘First Time’ re-packaged into embossed ‘Noir Collection’ packaging. The difference is literally just the black casing has lines down it instead of being smooth. I’m not too mad about it considering I’ve wanted a TF lipstick for ages and the packaging is super luxe, but I feel a bit lied to haha.


In pictures, it looks a lot more hot coral than it comes out on the lips. It appears to suit most skin tones, something I thought TF ‘Spanish Pink’ would do, but when I tried it, it certainly did not suit us pale gals. So yeah if you’re looking for a versatile pinky nude and you can’t try it irl because you’re ordering online or something, I’d say ‘First Time’ is definitely worth the splurge. My only worry is, like all Tom Ford makeup, it’s sort of too nice to take on a night out, just in case. So I think for me it might be more of a day time thing (a main reason I haven’t swatched it for this blog post, I can’t ruin the adorable lil ‘TF’ on the top of it just yet).


Let me know if you’re pale and have found any other nude lipsticks that have worked for you, I’m always in the market for expanding my ~nudez~ collection!

Amelia x

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