(NB: This is my first style-themed blog post. I am not used to this! Be nice! I am bad at clothes!)

Everyone knows #WIWT stands for ‘what I wore today’. However, ‘what I’m wearing tomorrow’ also works, and that’s exactly what this blog post is.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping to ~fancy~ shops to get myself a Christmas present (oh, and to celebrate my dad’s birthday. But mainly for my Christmas present) and then I’m going for a nice Italian dinner (Babbo in Mayfair) straight after. Therefore I have to wear something comfy to last all day that’s also nice enough for dinner after. This situation is the outfit nightmare for every girl. Anyway after much deliberation and many ‘this one or this one?’ selfies sent, I chose a midi dress, a long camel coat, some mid-height heels (and I’ll bring some Chanel flats with me for the walk to the station/for when my feet are dying) and a big handbag. Practical-ish and, imo, the epitome of ‘smart casual’.







Dress: Topshop (jersey section, in sale) £5

Coat: Topshop £89

Heels: Office £50

Handbag: Chanel

Isn’t my housemate a literal lil Earth angel with a Canon?

So yeah, if you have any tips (or grail items) on how to make an outfit both comfy and suitable for a fancy evening event, please let me know, it is the bane of my life.

Amelia x

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