Review: YSL Blur Perfector

I’ve actually had this product for aaaaages but I’ve only just have started seeing reviews of it. Anyway, the moral of the story is it’s at the back of a drawer somewhere because I didn’t get on with it. Sad.


I have oily/greasy skin (ew) and at the end of the day, like most girls, my foundation is flagging and it is OIL TOWN: ADMISSION ONE up on dat T-Zone ting. Applying more foundation/powder over the top just destroys my perfect contour and it leaves my face cakey and powdery and a bit weird and matte. So when I came across this product (which is basically marketed as a foundation touch up/oil banisher) I was super excited. I tried it on my hand in Selfridges beauty hall and it made my hand feel soooo smooth. Also, the packaging. Good Lord, THE PACKAGING. Holding this baby in my hand makes me feel like a luxe bitch in a Rihanna video touching up my makeup on my way to steal yo’ man and bury the bodies of my enemies on the way. It’s beautiful. Does that warrant the £31.50 price tag for some (essentially) clear powdery shit? To me, apparently it did.

The texture of the product is weird. It’s a pale pink (but dries clear to suit every skin tone) kind of hard gel? Which turns to invisible powder when applied? Imagine a pot of lip balm. It’s that kind of consistency. Odd.

Anyway, on to why I didn’t like it.

-There’s not much product in it. I used it only a few times and was hitting pan already UGH.

-It made my foundation actually look worse. Applied on top of a full face of makeup, it went grainy and literally fell off my face in blobs, bringing my already applied base with it. It seemed to take off my makeup rather than rest on top of it.

-The weird consistency. Freaked me out.

-Applying it was difficult. To get it to work you had to sort of gently blot it on.

-The sponge got dirty because you’re applying it over already done makeup. Looked ugly 😦


There were a few pro’s to this product, however.

-Applied on its own, with no makeup on top, it made my pores look invisible. If you have amazing skin this might be a great ‘no foundation’ foundation for you!


-On the rare occasion I got it to do its job, it worked. It did kinda make my face look less oily, but it was hit and miss whether it would settle on my skin or take my makeup on when I blotted it on.

Would I buy it again? No, however I’m very interested in the YSL blur perfecter base (although the sparkles in it worry me a bit, cute highlighter or literal Sun face? Let me know if you’ve used it/if it’s worth a buy!)

Amelia x

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