Accidental Dupe Review: Makeup Revolution ‘Redemption’ Palette & Naked 3

I do this all the time. All. The Time. I’m buying shampoo or whatever in Boots/Superdrug and wander down the makeup aisles, think something’s pretty, see it’s cheap and I buy it. Then I get home and realise I’ve accidentally bought a shitty imitation of something I already own from a higher end brand.

And that’s sort of what happened today with Makeup Revolution’s Redemption palette. I say sort of, because it’s actually not that bad in comparison to its counter part (Urban Decay’s Naked 3).


First up, they are IDENTICAL. I can’t line the colours up perfectly next to their corresponding shade due to the size differences in the palettes, but you can sort of tell from this comparison shot that every colour, in exact order, is the same.

So, I’m just going to list the differences between each aspect of the palettes, (hopefully) providing y’all with a direct comparison.

The packaging:

Urban Decay obviously wins on this one, but that’s no surprise due to how beautiful all their makeup packaging is. I’m a massive fan of how Urban Decay have re-packaged the newer Nakeds (from a magnetic velvety cardboard box thing to a proper tin palette), and the colours used packaging-wise are just dreamy. Also, you get a very very good brush with Naked 3/any Naked palettes. If I was travelling and had to cut down my makeup supplies, I would go as far to say that the brush included with the Urban Decay palette is all you need if you’re not attempting anything too spectacular. Due to its cheap price, it’s not surprising the Makeup Revolution palette massively lacks in this department. The case is plasticy and cheap, and it comes with a shitty double ended applicator, the sort that comes with Argos makeup sets. Its compact size and lightweightness might make it good for travel though, if that’s your thing. It all depends on personal preference though, and whether you’re a packaging whore like me or not.


The colours:

Identical. Literally exactly the same. However, the Makeup Revolution versions are less finely milled, and therefore you get bigger chunks of glitter than in the more subtle Urban Decay shades. Imo, this makes it a bit clumsier to apply than its more refined U.D. cousin.



This is where the difference in product lies. The Urban Decay colours require only a tiny little bit of product for a dramatic, pigmented look. The Makeup Revolution colours are a bit weaker, and would need a lot more layers to achieve similar coverage.


This is the biggest difference between the two palettes. The Redemption palette is only £4 whereas Naked 3 is £37. The Urban Decay one also comes with a lil book of eye primer samples as a plus, has the nicer brush/packaging and better pigmentation, but at the end of the day it’s a big price jump for the slight differences between them.


My flat mate and I have differing opinions on this. Where I live, Superdrug stocks all of the Makeup Revolution range but Debenhams/other department stores don’t stock any Urban Decay, therefore I have to buy it in London/online. However, she has the exact opposite issue. So I can’t make a final judgement on this, it all depends on your local area I guess. Online though, I’d say Urban Decay is easier to get hold of.


So which would I buy?

Personally pigmentation is everything to me, and maybe I’m biased because I love everything Urban Decay so much. I would get the pricier version, but I realise that’s not an option to everyone. If you’re a makeup ‘beginner’ (lol I’m sorry how condescending that sounds) or are on a budget, I’d say the Redemption palette is a great dupe for Naked 3, and just a handy pinky nude palette to have in your collection. Either way, for £4 I’m not mad I essentially accidentally re-purchased something I already had.

Amelia x

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