The Lipsticks That Made The Cut

Most people stress about having to move their entire life from their house to their uni. Will you have the exact correct balance of clothes both at home and uni, or should you take them all with you and just never plan any surprise trips home? Did you buy enough kitchenware? Are two cheese graters really enough cheese graters? And tupperware, what about tupperware? But like: you really like cheese, so maybe three?

Anyway, they were Not My Issues. My problem was: how do I condense my lipstick collection down to 6 and pick just my favourites. It was Sophie’s choice. How could I leave some of my babies behind? Would they feel unloved? Would it be yet another Toy Story? Alas, I made the decision like ripping off a plaster: quickly and probably in quite an ill advised way.

The lipsticks that made it AKA the Real MVPs:

-Retro, Lovelorn, Sunny Seoul, Velvet Teddy, and of course two of my favourite, Pink Plaid.

Regrets: WHY DID I BRING/BUY VELVET TEDDY. It makes me look like a month old cadaver. Also, Sunny Seoul and Lovelorn are super similar, I should have swapped one of them for Hue, or Russian Red for when I’m feelin’ ~saucy~.

Omg don’t even @ me about my dry ass cuticle. I know.

Other lip products that snuck in on the way:

-Lipgloss in Spice (Doesn’t suit me at all but lipgloss makes me feel like a sassy cheerleader in a trash American film)

-One liner in Edge to Edge and THREE Soar.

-Also (unpictured) a fricktonne of Eos, because: of course.


If you wanted to buy any of this, if it isn’t obvious enough: it is all by Mac. Of course it is.

Amelia x

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