The Beauty Products I Always Re-Purchase

Re-purchasing beauty products is the bane of my life. On the one hand, I know they do exactly what I want, so buying something else and being disappointed in it only to wish I’d bought my fav staple is annoying. On the other, re-buying a product just isn’t exciting when there’s probably a million other shiny new products out there that claim to do the same thing. And what if they’re better than the one I’m re-buying, and I’m the one missing out?

Truly, truly first world problems.

Anyway, I thought I’d compile a list of products I’ve bought multiple times before and can confirm they work miracles. (Sorry for some of the bad pictures, I’m in no way a professional photographer and tried to take them with my housemate’s fancy DSLR instead of my usual iPhone ting)

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Mascara & Lash Primer Plus

Used together, these two products give your lashes huge amounts of length and thickness at the roots without the spidery effect, ew. The primer alone under any mascara will also improve the results a LOT.


Mac Brow Pencil in ‘Spiked’

I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve gone through, I always somehow manage to give in 6 in one go when I Back2Mac them. It’s an amazing product for lazy makeup days when ABH brows look a bit HD on your no-makeup face.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Dark Brown’ and Matching Brushes

The Holy Grail.


Mac Eyeshadow in ‘All That Glitters’

The eyeshadow I use as a base, every time. It’s a gorgeously shimmery nude-y pink colour, it comes out nowhere near as gold and dark as it looks in the pot.


NARS All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation in ‘Siberia’

Don’t believe the hype: NARS most popular foundation (Sheer Glow) is nowhere as good as its sister, Weightless Luminous. Sheer Glow makes me look oily rather than dewy. If you have skin that’s on the greasier rather than the dry side, try Weightless Luminous instead. The consistency is like water but it’s very buildable. Also: comes in a huge range of colours, especially paler ones for corpse gals like me.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in ‘Chantilly’

My only gripe with this product is either: you don’t get much product or it dries up too quick. Either way, I have to re-buy this pretty regularly, sigh. However, nothing compares. Double sigh.

Mac Lipliner in ‘Soar’

F U Kylie Jenner. I was wearing this before she made it famous and subsequently every Mac store is constantly out of stock. I currently have three on the go due to finally finding some in Selfridges a few months ago and buying the last of their supply. Simply incredible. Also, if you prefer the ProLongWear liners from Mac, Beurre is a pretty similar colour and I’ve repurchased it a few times, too. I don’t have a picture to put up as when I last tried to go and re-buy it they had sold out (again).


Mac Matte Lipstick in ‘Pink Plaid’

My go-to lipstick. The only lipstick I’ve ever worn down so much I can’t apply it anymore without having to use a brush. Goes amazingly with Soar to tone it down a bit. Nudes colours don’t suit me, so this is the perfect matte pink lip.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser and Pore Cleansing Masque

Ok this is sort of a lie, I’m still on my first tubs, but I will definitely be re-purchasing! I use the cleanser twice a day and the masque once every two days. They leave my skin tight, clean, matte and close up all my pores. I’ve also noticed the difference they’ve made to blackheads on my T-Zone. They smell a bit weird but I can deal.


So there you go. If there’s any makeup products you always re-buy, let me know as I always want to try out other peoples’ favourites!

Amelia x

4 thoughts on “The Beauty Products I Always Re-Purchase

  1. What do you use to apply the Nars foundation? Recently switched to it and still haven’t figured out how to manage its watery consistency. Beauty blender sucks it all up and a brush only works with me literally pumping the foundation on to my face as it sets so quickly uhhh
    Thanks x


    1. Hi! I put a pump on the back of my hand, then put spots of it all over my face with my finger. I then use a only SLIGHTLY damp beauty blender to blend it out. I find a brush leaves streaks for me. Because it’s quite watery I sometimes have to go back over the same way and do another layer. Hope that’s sort of helpful, my advice would be to not get the BB too wet, or get it wet but then dry it thoroughly before using! XXX


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