Review: Pixi Glow Tonic

I will confess: I am bad at skin stuff. I have pretty decent skin so I do the bare minimum to look after it because I am a complacent biatch. Anyway: on my lunch break for a job I did one shift at on Oxford Street (see also: lazy biatch), I wandered down Carnaby Street and into Pixi.

I had heard good stuff about Glow Tonic. I think most people have heard of it at this point. It’s pretty famous and has a bit of a cult following. Which is weird, because it’s just some alcohol-y smelling water in a bottle. But, then again, it’s GOOD.

People like it so much because it’s got fancy af ingredients but it’s only (lol ‘only’, again: all toner is essentially glitzy water) £18 for a big bottle. So, I bought it because I didn’t even use a toner and I was like hey even if this toner is bad, any toner is better than no toner.

dunno what glyconic means but it sounds expen$$$ive

So yeah, I like this toner because it makes my skin vvv soft and noticeably ‘glowier’ after I’ve used it. I also think my makeup goes on nicer after applying it. However, as I said, I’ve never used any type of toner apart from this, so maybe every toner does the same thing. The packaging is nice and the price is ite (I guess? Compared to other designer toners? Are designer toners a thing?)

The one thing I’m a bit meh on is the smell. There’s no alcohol in it so it’s not alcohol I can smell… but there’s something. Something smells a bit clinical. Kind of like a GP’s office that’s been Febreezed a lot. I don’t mind it, but loads of people online have complained about it in the review section.

Anyway, if I’m not mistaken it comes in a travel sized bottle for about £9 too, so if you’re not sure you can always try it out. But yeah, I like it and use it every day. But is it cult status worthy? I’m not quite sure.

Amelia x

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