Comparison: Surratt & Tom Ford Liquid Eyeliners

No look is complete without some super defined extremely black winged liner. I could never get my wings completely perfect until I found Tom Ford’s double ended liner. At £48, it’s definitely expensive, but it’s lasted since the beginning of June, and is only now drying up (end of October), with daily use. I was on the hunt for a new liner, and strayed from my fav. And I’m glad I did.


TF wins in the packaging department every time
TF wins in the packaging department every time

Instead of re-buying the Tom Ford one, I tried Surratt’s liquid eyeliner. Had I ever heard of Surratt before? Nope. But the shop assistant in Liberty seemed so genuine and told me so much good stuff about it (the ink took 4 years to make blah blah). I was a shop assistant and told people they looked good in dresses when they definitely didn’t, just for kicks. Shop assistants are the WORST. However, I took his advice anyway and bought it (£33). And turns out: he wasn’t full of shit! It’s actually amazing! Potentially better than my previous fave! And here’s why.

The Surratt liner:

-Is cheaper than the Tom Ford liner, lol.

-Has a hair tip instead of a spongey ‘foam’ tip, making application smoother (one side of the TF liner is hair, one is foam. I much preferred the hair side).

-Due to it’s special Japanese formula, the ink comes out perfectly even, but even if you go over it again, the dried liner will not flake or rub off.

This is the best part, you can open it up like a fountain pen and see how much ink is left in the ‘cartridge’. When the ink is running out/low, you simply buy a new cartridge instead of a whole new eyeliner (£12 per cartridge). This is super clever as sometimes I think a liquid eyeliner is dead and dried up, then a week later it works again because I can’t tell how much ink is left.




So yeah, although it’s early days with the Surratt liner, so far it’s done everything I was promised. Tom Ford, you are beautiful and have served me well up until this point, but I may have to relegate you to the back of the drawer for now.

Amelia x

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