Review: H&M’s New Homeware & Cosmetic Line

& Other Stories is all well and good, but it doesn’t have a homeware line, and the makeup’s never really excited me. So when H&M announced they were creating a new homeware and cosmetic ting, and due to their instagrams of the products that followed, my body was very very ready.


Cheap. It’s cheap. It’s half wannabe HAY and half shabby chic. Not excited by a lot of it, but I got some cute stuff none the less, and had to restrict myself from buying a lot of faux pineapple candles and cute mug sets.  

rose gold errrything

I’m a sucker for anything rose gold, and how cute does the candle look on the lil tray?! Most items came in rose gold, gold and silver so no matter what theme your room is they’ll have the colours to match.

My only issue is (here she comes again, complaining that cheap things ‘feel’ cheap) that a lot of the metal items felt a bit plastic and flimsy. The little tray I got feels ok quality and was something like £7.99. But some of the other bits felt a bit lighter. I know no one’s going to go around picking your things up like “woah this feels under a kilogram to me”, but yeah, just a small thing for picky ol’ me.


Hmm. H&M’s Instagram posts promised us über luxe on a budget. The packaging looked amazing and the products all looked new and exciting. Not really. The makeup all looked like H&M’s normal makeup colours just re packaged into pale pink and black plasticy containers. It was ok. The eyeshadows were quite pigmented on my hand and my friend got a couple of lipsticks which she was happy with. I just got a face mask (in the cutest lil pod ever) and some nice smelling fake-Aesop looking body lotion because I’m a dry ass bitch. 

awwwwwww. adorableness for £1.99

 The face mask left my skin shiny and soft and was enough for two faces (it was an extremely sexy evening in with my boyfriend I can assure you) and the body lotion… smells good? I guess? What else can you say about body lotion. They also had another yummy smelling one called Cashmere Haze I almost got but the packaging wasn’t as nice and I am literally an aesthetic whore. 

However, the real star of the show is H&M’s new makeup brush line. I got the buffing brush:

  Although a few of the strands have shed already, it’s vvvvv good quality and reminds me of the Sigma buffing brush, just way cheaper (£6.99 I think). It buffed my makeup in nicely leaving no lines and blended my contour out. (Although, just after going to H&M I went to Libertys and tried a Surratt brush made of blue squirrel and now no brush will compare. I HAVE BEEN SPOILT.)

Anyway, overall: homeware line is better than the makeup line and the best parts of the makeup line are the brushes and the body wash/lotion/soap collection. It appears you can’t spend more than £10 on an item so go wild.

Amelia x

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