Tutorial: How I Do My Eyebrows

I used to work in the Stratford branch of the popular dress shop House of Celeb Boutique. I spent half my time folding clothes and getting aggy when someone brought the clothes out of the changing room and the hangers separately, and half my time trying to draw on receipt roll how I do my eyebrows for customers. I was 50% shop assistant and 50% beauty consultant I swear. Anyway, wherever I go someone asks what I use on my eyebrows. I use: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown, with the small matching ABH brow brush, a cheap clear mascara from Superdrug to set my brows, and if I’m going on a night out I’ll put MAC’s brow pencil in Spiked in my clutch for if I sweat off my face (ew). Luckily, Dipbrow is pretty sweat proof, and lasts all day and night. I can’t recommend it enough. However, when people with badly applied eyebrows ask what I use and I tell them, I know they’ll go and buy it and end up disappointed. It’s all down to the technique, not just the product. So I’ve done a lil pictatorial of how I do my eyebrows to help out. (NB: taking photos of your eyebrows is VERY hard especially when you only have an iPhone camera to do it with. Also, this is my 20 minute pre-lecture makeup so please excuse my face, on a night out I’d put way more effort in).



Brush out your brows in an upwards motion using a spoolie.


Take your product and draw a line underneath the entire brow. 


Draw a line on the top of your brow, starting a quarter of the way through the length. 


Fill in the end half of your brow. NOT THE FRONT. 



Wipe off your brush and only use the product that’s left/the line of product that’s on the bottom of the first quarter of your brow and just blend it upwards in light movements (this is how you get the “faded” brow).


Set brows with clear brow gel. Then apply some concealer beneath your brows. 





If there’s any excess concealer bring it above the brow then blend that too.  



Do all your other makeup then admire your new brows in every reflective surface for the rest of the day.  

Hope this helps!!! A video would be waaaaay easier to do and probably more helpful but I don’t think I am ready to venture into the realms of being a super enthusiastic Youtuber yet.

Amelia x

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