High Street Makeup Review: Makeup Revolution’s Highlight Palette

As soon as the Cult Beauty ‘The Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighters have landed’ email dropped into my inbox, I was on the website with three of the four shades in my basket immediately. Cult Beauty is where I get all my ABH stuff from, as it’s located in England so no American postage costs (weeeeee) and the standard delivery is super quick. ABH dipbrow pomade has never let me down, but every other ABH product I’ve bought I’ve been disappointed in (or they’ve released a new, updated version two weeks later). So, I did the adult thing and did not buy three £28-each highlighters. I went shopping that day instead and had a mooch round Superdrug, sadly looking for a highlighter dupe for the ABH illuminators of my dreams. And, weirdly: I found it.

I originally picked up the Makeup Revolution Highlight palette to test the odd purple shade, convinced it would make me look like I had a weird illness. Wrong: the purple was super subtle and looked great on my skin. As did the two other shades (a super iridescent white and a champagne-pinky rose gold). And best of all, the palette of three was £8. HOLLLLAAAA.

So yeah, cheap, cheerful and amazing. All three colours work super well, don’t leave my face looking cakey and are highly pigmented (like, pigmented even more than my fancy NARS versions of these products). I wore the white shade on a night out and even in extremely low light after sweating on the dance floor, my highlighter still popped in all the photos. Also, I use the white as an eye colour base/under brow highlight and the pink as a shiny blusher.

Only downside is the packaging. It’s plain black plastic and feels quite cheap. But then again: it is cheap. I will mention this again: EIGHT POUNDS.

If you’re corpse pale like me, all shades of this are da one. Can’t speak for darker skin tones, as the white shade might be ‘too’ white (think: Luna cream colour base from MAC, which only seems to suit extremely extremely pale people e.g. me).

Anyway, it’s £8 mate you can’t go wrong really. Superdrug I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

Amelia x

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