Double Review: Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run & Too Faced’s Natural Eyes

Debenhams had a sale. Debenhams seems to be in a permanent state of DFS style Blue Cross sales, but lo: I got money off makeup so I shall not complain. Anyway, I wanted to get my mum the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette for her birthday but long story short places were sold out blah blah. Then, a while later, Debenhams online had it for 10% off so I bought it (for myself, I’m the worst daughter ever).  Whilst I was browsing, I saw the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette for a whopping 33% off (making it £24 or something). It had a full sized Urban Decay lipgloss in it as well as all the other stuff, so I thought for that money, it would be worth trying. Also, it has loads of stuff in it (nearly enough sans brushes, eyebrows stuff and foundation etc) for a whole makeup look. I thought it would be good for keeping in my bag when I go to stay at my boyfriend’s house (wrong. I was so wrong. It is huge. But we’ll get to that).

So, first up: Too Faced’s Natural Eyes

This is a bit of a cheat review because I tried it in the shop and already knew I loved it. All the colours are amazzzzzing and they come with a lil book telling you how to use them, along with the little labels down the side for the times of day those colours should be worn (day, classic, fashion), giving you three fool proof looks. There’s a nice mix of shimmery (my personal fav) along with matte colours (which I know a lot of people prefer), and all of the nine colours ‘go’ together, so even if you don’t stick to the three trend looks, the end result will be fab anyway. My favourite colours are ‘push up’ and ‘chocolate martini’. ‘Silk Teddy’ is also an amazing base, very similar to ‘Sidecar’ in Urban Decay’s original Naked palette. Basically, this is a great mini version of Urban Decay’s Naked and will be great for travelling as well as a definite palette staple.

Secondly: Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run

This was my ‘gamble’ purchase, as I’d never seen it in the ‘flesh’, so to speak. Firstly, what sort of sweetened the deal for me is that in the first one I received, one of the eyeshadows arrived slightly cracked. I contacted Debenhams who conceded it was faulty (it barely was, it was still very usable) and they sent me a brand new fresh one on next day delivery. So now I have two! (albeit one slightly cracked but my mum doesn’t seem to mind lol). But about the palette, I’m still not sure where I stand on it. Basically, if I’d purchased it full price I would have been pissed. It consists of 5 unseen eyeshadows (the best part about the palette imo), a bronzer, a blusher, a highlighter/large base eyeshadow, a full sized lipgloss, a mini eyeliner and a travel sized mascara. However, I thought with the title being ‘On the Run’ and everything, I thought it would be small and handbag sized. It is handbag sized, if your handbag is a holdall. It’s way bigger than I expected, sadly. It’s more of a stay at home palette, and due to its travelling nature (miniatures of everything), I’m kind of disappointed it’s not more portable. On the other hand though, you get more for your money I guess?

AAAAAANYWAY, onto the actual products. The eyeshadows are amazing. I wish these shades had been released in a normal Naked palette! (especially ‘Dive’, a beautiful rose gold colour). The lipgloss colour (‘Sesso’) is also pretty neutral, plus it’s full sized, so yeah: good. The perversion mascara is just a miniature of their bestseller, so again: good. The rest of the palette for me is a bit meh. I never use kohl eyeliner (especially not a brown colour), so I won’t use that. Then, for me, the palest person alive, the blush and bronzer make me look like a clown. The bronzer (which I thought would be good for contour) is SO orange. And the blusher is super pink. The highlighter barely shows up when used on cheeks. Overall: bad for the face products, pretty okay-to-good on the rest. The packaging, although it’s bigger than I expected, is GORGEOUS. Rose gold and a sort of brown snakeskin (?) plastic/metal casing. It feels very luxurious. Also the huuuuuge mirror in the lid is a plus.

Overall: the Too Faced Natural Eye palette is incredible and I’ll definitely invest in the matte version. The Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette would make a good gift, is alright value for money, and would probably suit someone with darker skin than I. As my favourite part of it is the eyeshadows, I know in future to just stick to what I know from Urban Decay.

Amelia x

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